I made an interactive map of Hitman Paris level


While it would be great, I’m not entirely hopefully as the creator has been inactive on here for well over a year, and the site hasn’t been touched since The Bookkeeper went live for the first time back in March 2017.



@Winterbirds ! We need you! :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I agree. But I don’t see a point in not trying, especially because the project really enriched the game, at least for me.
Ideally, if it’s possible at all (I really wouldn’t know), someone else could pick up where @Winterbirds had left off


Wait what? This is fanmade? I always tought it was made by IOI. Still, this site has been very helpful for me, and iwe used it A LOT. One thing iwe noticed tho, is that the 3 coins in a bowl, in front of Umberto Megazzini / The Street Performer are missing in Sapienza. Otherwise, Good Work :slight_smile:


@Winterbirds did us Great favour by creating maps for season 1. He is remembered by many to this date for his passion.
Now time has come for someone or some few to get together and recreate his legacy for season 2.
I want to help, but have no experience in web design.
Also new website needs to be created as original creators is not active and probably not reachable.


I have extracted all the maps from the game and was going to try setting up my own website and add all the items into them. But somebody else bought the domain I wanted and it seems they are doing the same thing I wanted to do.

Interactive Maps for HITMAN 2

What was the name you were thinking of?

I could probably come up with something that makes it sound like the site is the work of a secret group of some kind. lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or something a bit humorous like…

(latin for: Necessary Locations)

which is a pun of the MALUS NECESSARIUM tag HITMAN 2 uses. :smiley:



As you can see the person who has bought this domain has started work on it, but they haven’t even added the maps themselves yet. I wonder if they even know how to extract the map files at all.


I already have all the maps extracted as you can tell from this one example:


Let’s call it “Locus Necessarium”… hahaha. :smiley:


I don’t think most people would understand what that even means lmao


How about… “HITMAN MAPS 2”? :slight_smile:


who is the domain owner i wonder, it seems like whoever it is either is keeping it secret or isn’t on any of the socials


I contacted him on Reddit offering my help. I’m going to just wait and see what he says.


He sure does know what he is doing. He is working on it atm by looks of it and set up rest of the foundation already. The maps are huge and will take some time to collect and represent all the information.


Hitman2maps.com looks like it’s made by someone different though. It’s not the same guy who made Hitmanmaps.com


Yeah, according to https://www.whois.net and https://whois.icann.org lookups, the two map sites were registered on opposite sides of the globe. Doubtful if the same site author is doing both of them.


Yes he is different than @Winterbirds.
But there is no reason to suspect if he can extract maps or not.
I am confident that this site will be updated.


We’ll see in time I guess.


Why would you doubt a person whom you don’t know, who has created websitE for Hitman 2 maps, put everything in place on website ?