I Need Fun Ideas

I have am practically almost done with the game and I’m bored. I need ideas for what to do in it, thank you.

Wear the tuxedo and mask with gloves suit, load a map, grab a kitchen knife, and see how many people you can kill like a slasher villain before being shot to death, with the goal being to kill everyone on the map. Talk about some fuuuuuun shit!


How do I get the suit? Do I have to complete the full game?

Unlock everything

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Well, any suit will work. I was assuming you had beaten the appraiser Elusive Target.

One that I found really enjoyable by recommendation is playing through all Hitman 1 and 2 levels through with no restarts

If you have the old games you can do even more levels no saves and no restarts. After each level record your stats and see how often you are SA

I think I’ll do this one myself. Play Paris, get a model’s disguise, hoard up a bunch of PTs, FEs, place them on the runway…

Make it your life’s work to find all good contracts and SA them, until IO releases more content. Start with my Sniper Assassin contracts :wink:

I already have… Atleast the one for Xbox. :+1:

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One? There’s 16!

I only have a Xbox, I only found one for Xbox.

Oh dear, that means whoever recreated them must’ve screwed up the names :S Alright, you’ll have to type in the Contract IDs then

Xbox (Thanks to CamTheChest):
Sniper Assassin: Miami 3-11-2494195-19
Fishing Village: 3-12-3228477-80
Sniper Ninja: 3-10-1916755-80
Marrakesh: 3-06-3627877-80
Mumbai: 3-13-4885908-80
Paris: 3-02-6082974-80
Sapienza: 3-03-3128186-80
Isle of Sgail: 3-21-3594261-80
Bangkok: 3-08-1690600-80
Beach Tower: 3-13-0599391-80
Landslide: 3-04-6430250-80
Palace Gardens: 3-02-5822484-80
Ruins: 3-03-5010566-80
Schoolyard: 3-07-2103608-80
Suburban Sniper: 3-22-5541534-80
Sapienza Square: 3-03-1779439-80

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Okay, thanks for the promotion.

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How do I access the roof? I might also be in the wrong house (I am in the empty house with the plumber)

Correct house, the Xbox guy didn’t copy all the briefings properly. You go to the 2nd floor and then there’s an open window facing the backyard, just climb through it!

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So you go to the rooftop of the backyard patio, not the house rooftop?

Yeah, sadly you can’t go onto the top story rooftop of any of the houses

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Okay, thank you for the help.

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