I Need help guys I wrote this email to customer support does anyone know how to help me out? Thanks

Hello, recently I created an IOI account. I own Hitman(2016) on steam and have played it for hours (good job on the game by the way I love it). I Also own Hitman 2 (2018) on xbox one x . I Wanted to play the Hitman (2016) maps on my xbox in hitman 2 (2018). I signed up For an IOI account and linked both my steam and Xbox accounts in hope that both games would show up as registered and I would not have to purchase The Legacy pack. I linked Both accounts and It only recognises Hitman 2 as a registered product. I was wondering if there is any way to Have Hitman (2016) to be registered on my IOI account so I can play its maps on my Xbox one without purchasing the Legacy pack.

Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.

P.S I Love your games so much keep it up guys can’t wait to sink my teeth into Hitman 3

I hope you guys understand my Issue pls help

As far as I am aware this is not a “thing”, I’m afraid, if you want those maps you’ll have to get the legacy stuff or Hitman on Xbox. If you’re in the UK, at present Hitman GOTY is £8.99 (assuming live gold) until . . . tomorrow.


Question: If I own H1 on platform A, can I redeem the Legacy Pack on platform B?

Answer: No. You must own H1 on the same platform that you want to play H2 in order to redeem and play the Legacy Pack at no additional cost.

That’s a great offer.


As far as I understood, you have a games on different platforms.
At this moment it’s impossible to link games on different platforms.
So you to have ability to obtain Legacy Pack for free you have to gather all the games on one platform.
If you want to play HITMAN 2 on PC, you have to buy HITMAN 2 for PC and if you want to play HITMAN 2 on Xbox, you have to buy HITMAN 2016 for Xbox. And then when you gather up all games on one platform you have to launch HITMAN 2016 and play any mission from start to finish. Then quit and launch HITMAN 2. The system should recognize that you’re eligible for Legacy Pack redeeming and will start downloading automatically

Huh interesting, I never knew you needed to play a bit of 2016 to redeem the legacy pack.

Well yeah, as mentioned, as the games are sold on different platforms, and Microsoft wants their share of the Legacy pack when you play on Xbox, you can not utilize the Steam version (or vice versa) at the moment :wink:

Sometimes it’s enough just to launch the game, but to guarantee that system will recognize you as the owner of the game, you have to play a mission or two

Thank you so much I appreciate it.