I need help to play

I bought hit man best game of the year edition when it was on sale on the xbox game store. So I downloaded the main part because it is broke up in multiple sections, then I downloaded Paris with no problem, then I downloaded episode 2 but after it said it was finished downloading I wasn’t in the mood for hit man. So I just went on to download the 3rd episode and once that was finished I decided to play but the 2nd episode said it wasn’t installed then I looked and it wasn’t in my queue. So I went to the manage option to hit man and it only show upped in the ready to install section with the three outfits but when I hit install it didn’t do anything so I then went to the xbox store and it would either not load and say to refresh the page or it would work but when I hit install there it wouldn’t show up in queue so I need help to be able to play episode two.

Hello Creepersin, welcome to the forum. Sometimes installation goes wrong for no apparent reason. Try the usual Xbox thing of a complete shut-down and restart. Try also removing the game and reinstalling. Also time can help; I had a couple of situations where content did not register in the game but 24 hours later it did without me doing anything. I don’t think there’s a lot more you can do. Please post this in the bug report thread - here.