I need help with the game


So i got the complete first season game disc and played for a while then i untinstalled it for space on the xbox 1. I then reinstalled the game again. It then updated and i proceded to play the game until i got to the paris mission. While i didnt ever uninstall the missions of the first season it said i needed to get the mission. Then i checked what i had installed and it showed me i had all of my missions installed yet it still wouldnt let me play it on the game itself. So i figured why not just reinstall everything, so i uninstalled the game and all of the missions that originally automatically downloaded with it before and i reinstalled the game but the missions wont come back. I have the complete first season disc so they should automatically install. I went to the store and it said the missions werent sokd seperately. So i how do i get them back.


@Clemens_IOI Please assist.

@Kaden_Weber I am not IOI tech support but I want you to know that you are not the first to have this problem of content being inaccessible after installation re-installation. However, I want to state that from my personal observation, IOI can see this issue until you are enjoying the game as it is intended.

Also for the record I want to state that I currently own The Complete First Season and the GOTY Upgrade. I believe these are the same two items you own and I have not had any problems. That should be some assurance for you.

Good luck.


I’ll look into this. Do you still have the problem?


I got a PS4 PRO (second PS4) during the Days of Play sale they had during E3 2018. I of course installed HITMAN because of the HDR and 4K upgrades. I have always been a digital owner so when I chose the complete first season in the store, I figured it would DL everything.


It installed the test missions but not Paris. I also had to individually install every mission including the bonuses. Oddly, the Patient Zero content automatically downloaded. Here is where it gets crazy. In the game, it says Paris is installed but the content was not playable. The in-game store said it was already installed so I could not download it.

I do not own an XBox One, so I can only hope this helps @Kaden_Weber. I went to the PS4 menu and scrolled down on the HITMAN page. There is a tab for Add-Ons. There I found HITMAN Paris and was finally able to download and install the level, completing the game content on my second PS4.

Check your Xbox HITMAN page (out of game) and see if you can do something like that.


This reddit may help you out as well.


I jad the same problem and I’ve tried a lot of solutions and nothing worked for me. Till now! Thanks RW_Slick for your tip!


Glad I could be of some assistance!