I Need Serious Help with this Carry-Over

So I’m not a new player to Hitman, but I am a new player to this trilogy and it seems llike anybody that waited to just buy the trilogy outright got destroyed. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many things go wrong at once, not even in my personal life.

My biggest issue is knowing the right time to carry over the game. Today they just announced all this content for Hitman 3 and I have been playing several weeks and with everything I wanted to before my carry-over; I actually have no idea when I will ever get to Hitman 3 if I want mastery.

Is there something I am not reading into? Because I’m kind of just wanting to accelerate through Hitman 1 and 2 so I can do the carry over and play Hitman 3. I’m playing on Series X. Not to mention some of the challenges don’t even unlock preventing 100 percent mastery…

For your convenience start at HITMAN 3 just get the access pass and have all three games under one launcher.

HITMAN 2016 you can’t transfer your progress.

HITMAN 2 Progress is what the carryover is for so unless you want to play HITMAN 2 then go for it just make sure you have the GOTY Legacy Pack so you have the first game in HITMAN 2.

It’s confusing I know, but I recommend starting at HITMAN 3 if you haven’t started the trilogy.

HITMAN 3 you would need.

And of course either HITMAN 3 Standard or Deluxe.

Just know HITMAN 3 is the best to start at cause of the live content such as Elusive Targets where once they are gone they are gone.


Thank you. Well I already bought everything so I kind of want to at least play Hitman 2. Thankfully the elusive target doesn’t come out for a bit so I will get as much as I can done before then.

Well you can redeem your access pass for free in HITMAN 3 just so you are aware :wink:

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