I really enjoyed the story of Hitman 2, but missed the amazing cutscenes from Legacy

One of my favourite parts of Hitman Legacy was the surprisingly well-crafted cutscenes.

As a filmmaker I truly appreciated the skill and finesse with which these were put together: beautifully animated and voice acted with cinematography that rivals some of the best you’d see coming out of Hollywood. (in particular The Shadow Client and Partners, Then?; the single take shot in the airport is just so damn classy, and the performances, especially how Diana’s voice acting and animation compliment each other on the train, are astounding!)

So, I was pretty bummed to see that Hitman 2 didn’t continue this tradition. The cutscenes that do exist are clearly the blueprints for what would’ve been ones as fully fleshed out as the ones we saw in Legacy, but they left me disappointed and wanting.

Now, I understand that this was due to IO-I going independent again, and I also understand that they almost went under, so subpar cutscenes is a small price to pay for an undeniably great Hitman 2, but does anybody reckon we’ll see a return of these amazing cutscenes for whatever comes next?

I - for one - truly hope so!


I loved cutscenes from the first season as much too and I hope that someday IOI will remake the existing screenshots with fully motion picture cutscenes in H2.
To be honest those screenshots instead of proper cutscenes ruined the whole perception of H2 story for me. I was expecting the normal cutscenes to continue in H2 and that ‘surprise’ was the biggest dissapointment of HITMAN 2 for me



Especially since those from Legacy were absolutely astounding. The quality of writing and voice acting was just so solid, even the Constant and Lucas Grey were just fantastic with their deliveries…

Anyway, it is what it is and the Hitman 2 scenes did what they needed to do in terms of advancing the story and piquing interest for whatever comes next… While it’d be great to see them redo the Hitman 2 cutscenes, I don’t see that happening. However, I’m really hoping that Hitman 3 - or whatever it’ll be called - picks up the tradition again.

Honestly I think the still images really make this game look low budget. Could have been some really cool cutscebes with 47 and the SC. I was that underwhelmed by them in this game I still haven’t even watched past the first two and don’t even know the story :joy:.


The cutscenes are bad, but that’s also due to the lackluster evolution of the story, not only the graphics.
The H1 cutscene graphics would have been far too good for a story this bad.
Seeing the Shadow Client claim to 47 they were long-lost brothers with a fully animated straight face would have been even more unbearable than the current situation.

You think so? What was it that bugged you so much about the story? I didn’t think it that bad at all, but bear in mind this is really the first Hitman game(s) I’ve played, so I don’t have a frame of reference for all the titles that came before…

Put me down as another who was disappointed that we didn’t get full cutscenes. I’m into filmmaking too, and agree with the OP. Really hope they make a return for Hitman 3.


Hi. The amazing cutscenes from HITMAN 2016 were the work of SQUARE ENIX’s in-house cinematics team whose work can also be seen in their FINAL FANTASY games and other titles.

So those animations were somewhat subsidised. Since IOI and SE did depart on good terms there is nothing saying IOI cannot ask SE to do new scenes for them again - but these would no longer be “free”.

And of course you’d have to compare SE’s asking price to those of BLUR STUDIO or DIGIC.

Wasn’t aware of that, thanks for the info. Too bad :disappointed:

Yeah. If it was me… I’d be asking for an “old friend’s price” … and hope it’s much better than Blur Studio’s price.

However, between money for HITMAN 3 cinematics or money to start the new studio in Sweden. I’d rather the Swedish studio get up on its feet first.

But the cinematics in the first game were indeed top notch.

Fair enough… Though there was money to hire Sean Bean for promotional material and to feature his likeness in the game… I wonder how much that cost? Or whether it was after the fact? (WB acquisition, I mean…)

Hard to say when that one happened. I think IOI have mentioned that WB had an advantage as a “total entertainment partner”… I can imagine it does no harm having WB help place phone calls to Sean Bean’s agent. Hehehe.

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Oh, man; I can just imagine that call!

“Sean, it’s John from WB!”
“John, how are ya!”
“Good, good! Listen, I got the perfect gig for ya, mate. You get to die a thousand times over in the most entertaining ways! Good rate too!”
“Sounds right up my alley, pal, where do I sign?”
“I’ll courier you the paperwork… With a special pen…”


I can only imagine the quips that were happening around the time they sealed the deal.


Money well spent though! :grin::joy:

Shame I missed that one! Looked good.

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I love the style, and it is a shame we couldn’t get the full CGI cutscenes, but the story is absolutely awful.

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I liked the story… Didn’t see the twist coming. Almost woke the fucking neighbours.

Damn, why all the hate for the story? What was so wrong with it?

It’s understable that people don’t like the story, because the older games seemed to have a much more… Cohesive story. They didn’t establish something in, for example, Hitman: Codename 47 which was retconned in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. HITMAN™ 2 establishes that the first time that 47 killed somebody (that clone named 6) was a lie by Dr. Ort-Meyer and it turns out they’re best buddies. Then there’s the fact that Diana’s parents were killed by 47 which was taken directly from the comic book Birth of the Hitman which was critically panned for being a really bad story, so people of course weren’t happy about it being included. It also leaves a lot of questions about what’s canon and what no longer is- are the five fathers canon, or was it Providence? If 47 didn’t kill 6 and didn’t leave the asylum, then how did he garner an interest in expensive clothing? Did Ort-Meyer just make 47 remember that fancy suits were nice? I don’t know.
And the thing is, if HITMAN™ 1 and 2 were your first Hitman games, the story will seem perfectly fine, but to old school fans, it was just telling us that everything that happened before didn’t matter and it was all thanks to Providence.


Aha! See, I think you nailed it with this response, bud. Add to that the fact that I love Illuminati-like conspiracies, which is basically what Providence is a euphemism for, and you’ve got me hook, line and sinker.

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