I really hope we get proper coop this time

It seems like a perfect fit for the game’s sandbox style and the experimental modes from 2 really just seem like a failure. It’d add a ton more replay value to the game than sniper assassin’s arbitrary grind to do the same thing over and over again for sure.


man i don’t even understand why people want a coop mode so much.

like… how would you even design the game mode? by having two agent 47s in a level instead of one? that’s just pointless and unnecessary.

sniper assassin is a failure because NPCs are so sensitive to accident kills and it’s just not fun to play. but ghost mode? that mode was addictive and had a lot of potential. i hope they invest in THAT game mode instead.


There are no accident kills in sniper assassin, at least not in terms of detection.

Ghost mode is largely RNG.

And yes it should be a second 47, saves work needed for voice lines and every single disguise.

I really don’t want to play Hitman in coop to be honest. In my opinion Sniper Assassin and Ghostmode are just a waste of time and resources of IO, that maybe could be put to make 1 or 2 more Missions per Game.


I don’t see why not to be honest. Ghost mode isn’t that immersive. Having two players being able to play the campaign with two different hitmen, like sniperassassin wouldn’t do much difference