I sent this to twitter as well...HM2 is broken

first off let me start by saying that is noy my image. but i purchased the game on a discount and is came with all the dlc. now every mission says get access i cant play it.
ive delted and reinstalled. when i choose get access the MS store just searches foreverr never pulling anything up. the games broken. ive tried every tip on good because i saw PSN was having the same issue. is there a code i can redeem to get a fixed version im going to take a screen shot right after posting this.
Edit:// also when it does load the dlc screen it just say play…so the dlc is there. microsoft wont refund me because they dont see any inssues on their side…not like i could send them pics.

I own the game I spent money on it and i get this crap


What edition did you purchase? Was it from the Microsoft Store?

You have to install each location. Have you checked Hitman 2 dlcs in Manage Games to see if the location dlcs are actually installed?
Have you tried searching for the dlcs by typing in their name in Microsoft Store?

I think I have experienced the issue myself… Correct me if I’m wrong…
(if ur NOT on xbox then disregard)
(make sure ur console is up to date)

  • Did you FIRST install the game from Game Pass? (or ultimate…)
  • if yes, did you check (very recent) to see if the same product is in the pass still? If not it’s been temporarily removed and you’ve lost access to the game’s [content] license. Meaning ur progress is all saved & unchanged but your IO account is saying ur unauthorized bc u have no digital license for the game while the title is off of Game pass. Good news if this is the case you just need to either wait until it is back on the pass or buy the game straight up… But i need to warn u if all this is correct thus far because the next part of my explanation… uhh… well I had both IO & Microsoft support teams totally baffled so leme kno if I’m on track so far…

No I purchased it. This is what happens when I click buy standard edition why would it say play if I didnt own it? I bought it while it was a gold exclusive

It says you can buy the standard edition below tho. Could you post a whole screen photo so we can tell more clearly what is going on?

Also, can you look at your purchase history to see what it says you’ve bought (specifically) and for how much?