I still don't have my hitman 2 dlc

I bought Hitman 3 the second day it was out. I bought the Hitman 2 DLC the day after, ITS STILL SAYING GET ACCESS AND IM PISSED. I’ve tried going to my epic games launcher, going to the manage DLC and turning that on and off and it STILL TELL ME TO GET ACCESS. I only paid $10 for it bc it was on sale, but its still the point, I WANT ACCESS TO THE MAPS I PAID FOR FFS. I only have Hitman 1/3 to play. Can somebody please help me with this? I emailed Epic games about it, and they told me to come here AND ioi hasn’t emailed me back about it. NOT happy. I didnt have any Hitman games on my PC till Hitman 3 came out. So this isn’t a steam transfer data issue, its ioi/epic not giving me my DLC I paid for…

(Please note if you are attempting to bring a bug or a technical issue to IO Interactive’s support team’s attention - the best place to post this information is the #player-support category

You may particularly want to check the Known Issues thread:

I don’t think there is another way to get help apart from addressing to IOI.
Did you write to [email protected]? Try that.
Technical issues like that only they capable to fix

I did, I got nothing back from them and that was over 2 weeks ago…

Then I’ll try to summon IOI people to this thread, maybe they’ll jump in
@Travis_IOI @Dennis_IOI @ioi_lukasz


I appreciate it, thank you so much!!!

Finally, I thought I would never find someone with the same problem. It’s happening on ps4 though