I think hitman and GTA are the best video games


some people might disagree but they are works of art and very entertaining. of course there are a ton of great video games


Yeah I’m in the same camp, those are my two favorite series rn. They both are fun sandbox games that have amazing replay ability


Since I don’t plan on ever getting a PS4, I’m not worried about spoiling RDR2 by watching playthroughs for it on Youtube. Although the majority of the stuff I watch is just dicking around (like Dirty Arty). Quite entertaining!

But I’ll have to stick with Hitman (2) as far as playing goes. I’ve never played GTA, though.


GTA used to be my favorite franchise. I played III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, GTAIV+EFLC, and GTA V.

That being said the way online went, my favorite franchise is Hitman now. IO > Rockstar.


Any love for Horizon Zero Dawn? (screenshots by me :grin:)

Easily one of my favourite games of all time!


Oh yeah I love HZD, when a sci-fi story has genuine surprise twists for me you know you have done a bag-up job.


Really love Aloy as a character. Hope she’s back for the sequel!


Dude I hope they bring back Lance Reddick as Sylence. He was dope. Heh I made a joke.


He will definitely be back.

One thing I want to see is different hairstyles for Aloy. She would look really awesome with a cleaner, more flowing hairstyle!


i like all the GTA games but i think GTA4 is the best that was the first GTA with the most real looking guns and best gameplay i think hitman 2016 and hitman 2 are the best hitman games but of course all the hitman games are good.


Same. But RDR2 proved itself to also be in there.


Issues aside RDR2 is fantastic.


RDR2 should be for pc also why do they do this to pc players?


My Favorite Game Franchises are Hitman, Mortal Kombat, Classic Resident Evil and Castlevania.
i only really enjoyed GTA 1 + 2 and Vice City and good ol’ Bubba is still the coolest Guy around!

i strongly dislike the way of crontrolling your character in Rockstargames. i hate the kind of momentum the characters have, especially in RDR2, where you have to stand in specific places to pick up items.


I like a good paradox game, nice and scheme-y like hitman!


Hitman, X-Com and Portal - the holy trinity of best games franchises.


Hitman, Xcom, Tom Clancy and Titanfall are my favourite series


@doom-generation thoughts?


To each their own. Always preferred Saints Row over GTA. GTA at least from a story aspect started taking themselves way too seriously and forgot the fun aspect to their open world - let alone their crappy monetization they’ve done on their online product as well.

Back on topic. For me it’s Deus Ex. Without that game, so many of the games listed here wouldn’t exist.


GTA is the best game ever!
Hitman is on top 10 i’d say :+1: