I think Sapienza and hokkaido guards are wrong

The bodyguards in sapienza should be regular police, like they are in the icon. And when yuki yamazaki isnt in the hospital, the yakuza guards should be like vip guards (like sapienza bodyguards), since yakuza have no business there.

You go ahead and tell them that. I’ll be at the sushi bar, minding my own damn business :grin:


But why tho

Except Yuki is in the hospital and extra security has been enforced as a result.


I think he means in Patient Zero

causy bodyguards are private security… why are they there? it would make sense that it was cause of caruso, hired by ether, but if you listen to some conversations of them they dont have any clue or relation to them. on the other hand, there is no police or anything in the town… they should reuse the police models from the icon and replace the bodyguards with these.

about hokkaido, i was thinking in the other missions, winter festival, not sitius inversus.

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back in season 1 the Sapienza guards were originally all CICADA before they changed them to be regular bodyguards, so this is something we know they can do


Do they have to? Last time I remember, a bodyguard isn’t obligated to talk about the VIP they’re looking out for. I know it would be a shit job if I wasn’t allowed to talk about anything else.

I can agree with the whole police thing though; doesn’t really make sense having bodyguards scanning the streets.

Winter festival was just an added bonus. No one actually counts that in level design since all they did was add a few lights and a target.

Ether Corporation could be associated with the yakuza considering that some members like Yuki are providence. Ether has history with providence so wouldn’t make total non sense.

Plus, Liebleid is reverse engineering an incredibly dangerous and utterly lethal virus that could serve as a great weapon to the Yakuza, so maybe they want to make sure that the head researcher doesn’t get harmed.


It would have been a lot more realistic if the Sapienza bodyguards were police. IOI could have used pictures of the cops from the Amalfi coast for reference. I remember being so confused the first time I played Sapienza because I expected police to respond to the crime in the town. They could have used the consulate security from Marrakesh as police.

I can understand not having police for levels that are closed off or secluded like Hokkaido (especially since they are doing illegal activity, it makes sense to why they would not call police and the Gama facility is up in the middle of the mountains.) But for levels that take place in towns, it makes more sense to have police instead (I wished Mumbai had cops in the slums and just have the crows for their hideout).

So happy they put cops in Whittleton Creek.


there is no need to make new models, there are police in the icon mission in sapienza, its the only one of the 4 that have police, the rest only have bodyguards.

The guards apart from mansion were Cicada and later changed to normal?
Don’t remember that.

Who are the hokkaido guards? Do they work there or for yuki, because they are present in Patient Zero

The don’t have home mate. They are dirt poor. They stay in common accomodation in Hokkaido. I once heard a civilians worker npc at hokkaido kitchen saying to his friend - “Never drop soap when you go for a bath.” The other guy was like what are you talking about. Then the first guy says just don’t do it, give me your word, I don’t want you to get shafted.

The town guards in Sapienza were always called bodyguards, but they did wear the outfits from the CICADA guards in Paris until the release of the Summer Bonus Episodes.

The bodyguards in Hokkaido are working for Yuki – or at least some of them do since you can overhear them talking about having dissolved corpses in acid for her, while she was still part of the Yakuza. But Yuki is now a “law-abiding citizens” and her guards aren’t Yakuza but regular bodyguards, although many of them are probably former Yakuza. And since the hospital director is on Providence payroll he’s not going to object when a Herald shows up and tells him that she brought along her own security force.

As for why they are in Patient Zero: Money. Why make new guard NPC if you can just reuse already existing models? Personally it would’ve made more sense to replace them with hazmat suit wearing guards, but what do I know? :wink: