I want Cheats Like Old Hitman Games!


Hey Community i’d Like to see a New Feature in Hitman season 2 Cheats! of course
like old Hitmans we could use some cheats to experiment different things … guns … etc .
of course it shouldn’t give us any advantages in multiplayer it’s just for fun and Testing Things . !
Drop a Like if your agree And tell me your Idea about this .
have fun


What kind of cheats are you thinking of?
I wouldn’t mind stupid stuff like unlimited health and unlimited ammo, but only if it turns of the ability to unlock achievements and challenges


I wanted this for the first Hitman 2016
They said they arent doing it because if the achievements.
They werent in the Trilogy because of achievements as well.


I love how old games usually had a cheat menu or you could use the console to enable them, i especially like the funny ones like big head mode, or the “give all” cheat paired with infinite ammo so i can try all the weapons in a level.

Too bad modern games have pretty much forgotten how fun cheats can be, HitmanS2 will most certainly not have them.


It’s probably not likely to happen if the game is always online. Cheats could affect the leaderboards. Although I suppose a simple solution is to make it so the player can’t enter the leaderboards if they use cheats.


I really miss this about the games of old.


Or make a “cheats only” leaderboard.


nahh… I personally wouldn’t want that. I think a cheats only leaderboard would be chaotic in a strange way.


There was a cheat program called ArtMoney which I tried way back for some single player games. This program manipulated values stored in memory. It could be used for any game. It basically identified memory addresses storing game parameter values like health, ammo, etc.

The way it worked was simple. Let’s say you had 657 gold coins in-game. You input the value 657 in the cheat program, and it would identify memory addresses containing this value. Now, this could return multiple addresses and you’d not know which memory address out of those the game actually referenced for storing the number of gold coins.

So, the trick was to spend some gold in-game, say 10 gold coins, leaving you with 647 gold coins. Now, all you had to do was input the value 647 in the cheat program, and the program would filter out all memory addresses that originally had the value 657, but now had the value 647. This way, you’d zero in on the actual memory address which the game was using to store the number of gold coins.

Then, it was the simple task of setting the value at that memory address to a very high value using the program, and you’d immediately have that amount of gold in-game. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this still works in modern games, as I’ve also seen some games moving values around different memory addresses as you play.


Praise the giveall cheat :open_hands:




god1 / god0

invisible1 / invisible2

Good old times.


One word: SPRUT.




god1 / god0

invisible1 / invisible0

testing every cloth in mission




yea i heard about that … it’s Like Cheat Engine APP but it doesn’t work at all times necessarily
because some values doesn’t store in your computer but in Game’s online server so you can change it
but it’s fun sometimes .


I think we have enough people cheating already in HITMAN! :sunglasses:


Did the original Hitman 2 and such on consoles even had the command line? I remember it on Hitman Codename 47 but thats a PC only titel.


i Only played on Pc and as i can remember all older hitman versions ( Except absolution ) had the command line you could’ve activated the cheats by editing hitman.ini file Then Pressing " ` " button or " C " button to bring up the menu … :slight_smile:


I want the IOGiveall cheat, and the cardboard tube.


I do too. I used them to get past “Say hello to my friend”. I had to restart that mission way to much and discovered the cheats for the game via command line. But on console? How would you enter something to it anyway? And I don’t need a cheat for HITMAN 2 or 1. But would be nice to have a giveall cheat to get all items, or a special item.