I want to get Hitman 2... Do I have to delete free starter pack

In a few days, I will buy Hitman 2 gold edition. I have downloaded on my ps4 the free starter pack and the legacy pack from Hitman (2016).Do I have to delete the free starter pack?
Because I don’t want to download the legacy pack again
Also, when I will purchase, it will just download or I must do something like go to add ons or something like this?

Yes, you better delete Starter Pack completely from your console and from your library.
It can cause problems with full game because somehow system thinks that free Starter Pack is much more important than even the most full game - Gold Edition.
I believe when you install (download) your Gold Edition, you will be able to play Legacy Pack too.
But just in case be ready for reinstall of Legacy Pack.

As I understood you’re playing on console, I don’t know how they work, but I believe you pushing Download is just enough for game to be playable


Before deleting the starter pack you may only be able to access the tutorial… sucks I know because I thought I would be able to play Hitman 2 in its entirety without the disc just by using the free launcher but no it doesn’t work that way