I want to swap a GTA V key with a Hitman GOTY?

I purchased a GTA V from GamesPlanet.com (which is a legit key seller) and I hope to swap it with a HITMAN GOTY Steam key since the first game will eat up 85% of my internet quota and I found I love Hitman more than GTA.

Is anyone willing to do this?

PLEASE, don’t ban me if this type of post is againt the forum rules, I didn’t find a rule against it but maybe I didn’t read that rule by mistake.

You should state which region your GTA V key is locked in, you can’t trade a key bought in EU and expect it to work for someine in NA.


I purchased it from the us.GamesPlanet.com so it’s a US key but as far as I know: games are locked in only some regions such as Russia but normally the keys are global and should work in US, UK, …etc, I will ask the support team of the website and get back to you.

Just a question, are you interested or you are just telling me? I appreciate it anyway of course, as I said just asking.

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Alright, that would be great.

No, I’m not interested. I’m just making sure no one ends up with a key that’s region locked.


I contacted them and they told me that their GTA V key has no region lock, I also found that on their website:

Can I buy from outside of Europe at Gamesplanet?

Yes, you can order our products from wherever you are in the world. The Internet has no borders for Games(planet).
If you want to know if a game has any region restrictions, you can find that out in the box with the orange border on the game’s page. If there is no box, there are no restrictions. But feel free to ask us anyway - we can confirm region restrictions for each game at our website.

and there are no such warnings on the store page of the game.

This might be possible, but be sure to make the swap safely…

Involving a staff member is a good idea as it can help you going forward :+1:

Good luck!