I will not earn the Platinum trophy because of online only BS

The “Rise Up” trophy doesn’t want to unlock after completing the mission stories several times. Challenges and mission stories are tied to your online profile therefore the mission stories can’t be reset. I 100% both H1 and H2, having H3 left out is really disappointing.

Kinda the same , on mission 2, im stuck at 7/11 disguises, and 12/22 locations - which I cannot seem to overwrite anymore to at least try and start over.
This is exatly why i had dropped hitman 2 at launch !!
Online only is such a STUPID idea

I would like atleast an option to be able to reset certain challenges, mastery unlocks and mission stories. It would help alot of people who are stuck because of the bugged carry over progression system.

Currently have all 5 assassination methods on Berlin but no Versetile Assassin. It seems like a lot of challenges are bugged atm.

Please notice that you’ve been making another similar thread before making a new one. From what I’ve seen, you’ve also reported on the official bug thread as well.


I’m just outing my displeasure with how things turned out. I will keep this in mind and make sure not to repeat future topics, I apologise. I flagged the previous thread for removal.