So I Recently bought Hitman(2016) which is an awesome game which i really enjoy (Good job Guys),
But i have a big problem in ICA FACILITY although i have completed all the Feats and they all show as
as marked the bar above says 12/13 and i haven’t been given my rewards . Can you help me keep my progression?!?!? I’m planning to get the game 100% clear!
I’m uploading you the screenshot of what i see within the game . Thanks In advance.
As it seems i can only upload one screenshot as a new user , so here’s the one , hope it helps!!!

Did you complete the escalations? The last feat might be related to those. If I recall correctly there is a feat which requires you to fully complete 10 escalations, maybe that’s the one missing?


Might it be that you need to complete the “5 escalations” challenge? It requires you to complete escalations from other levels to unlock!


Also, you can download the improved version of the levels if you download the free version of Hitman 2 off of Steam! It includes all of the content you own from Hitman 2016 but in the updated engine. In my opinion its better to switch early so you don’t have to redo all the legacy content as your progress isn’t carried over.

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Unfortunately it’s not it ! I have all escalations complete in this area!
Thanks for the help though!

Thanks for the idea , but i will do it later . Right now i want to complete Hitman 2016 100% after that i don’t have a problem playing the improved versions. Also about the escalations i have them all complete but still nothing. Anyway thanks for the help!

What @IHadOneBaconBit wrote is probably what is going on, it’s five escalations anywhere in the game. I’d also make the suggestion about not bothering with the older game for the reason given; if you are going to get Hitman 2 then you have to repeat everything to get the unlocks.

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Thank you very much!

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