ICA Facility

You know when you do the training missions in hitman?, well does 47 actually kill Kalvin Ritter, Or is it fake, Diana says weapons are simulated but I don’t know about that, It looks like actual blood the comes out when you shoot an npc. Also Who would want to volunteer as a random characters for An Assassin training simulation

It’s just a video game. None of it is real. :wink:


You know, I’ve always wondered this as well. If it’s all just a simulation, it’s VERY convincing.


It could be paintball guns in there.
I do noticed when you ‘snapping a neck’ in training mission there is no sound and slightly different animation of this action. So, it’s might be assumed 47 does not kill anybody with neck snapping.
With weapons, as I said, most likely there are paintball guns used there.
But question about fiberwire action remains. My guess, either fiberwire is just some thread, or he does not strangling for real. Just imitating.
Something like this

i know there’s no sound, but how is the animation different?

Maybe it’s only me, but it seems to me he’s not actually touches the body when doing it, he do this action just near the body.
But the snapping neck action is strange to me in these two recent games.
I liked the Absolution animation. It looks more realistic there. And in these games he just performs some movement with his hands sometimes even not close to the neck itself and this is all


the neck snapping animation is more realistic in the newer games, this is just a fact. are you talking about the neck snap on a ragdoll animation?

I don’t know, however I don’t like current animation.
But the fact is 47 does not killing anybody in ICA Facility with snapping neck

They’re actors. The challenge where you blow up Ritter with an explosive is called “give that stuntman a bonus”, where the Ritter actor performed a great stunt. The deaths are acted out in varying degrees of passion and commitment.

I vaguely recall a conversation between guards after Jasper Knight (the actor) gets shot up in the air with the ejector seat that goes along those same lines, namely that they’re actors, but that something might have gone wrong with that kill in particular and that the actor probably did not survive. I don’t find it anymore so maybe I dreamed it.


The Prologue missions are Training Missions, every Scenarios are re creations from assassinations that took place. The Neck Snap and Blood Pools are not suppose to be intended in those missions. When H2 first got released a when you snap a neck on the training levels it doesn’t make a sound effect and blood pools at one time didn’t come out of bodies for the levels too. This could simply be a bug if anything.

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Calvin Ritter was probably killed by another ICA agent before 47 was taken in as a new agent. The training is just a simulation of the whole event leading up to his death.

Ritter’s death is confirmed in The Last Yardbird mission briefing, but Ritter himself wasn’t shown without a mask. Changes are likely the training actor who plays Ritter doesn’t even look slightly like him.

What about escalations

as far as we know escalations are non-canonical the only thing that are in the realm of the canon are as followed

Elusive Targets
Sniper Assassin
Special Assignments/Bonus Missions

Escalations are just progressive challenges and if they take place on training levels it would still be in the realm of they aren’t dying

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Elusive targets?

20 fun-packed chameleons

Just replayed The Final Test with the ejector seat accident and the guards say stuff like “that wasn’t part of the plan” and “they say this guy was good but no way did he get past us”. They fall out of their role as actors which shows that that particular accident was not in the script and probably lethal to the actor playing Knight.


Elusive Targets have lore built within tbeir respected Character. The best example is Mark Faba if anything so it puts them in the canon

Yes, but why does ejector seat work at all? Why have ICA picked an actual Soviet plane, when it could be just dummy? There are a lot of strange things going on in Facility missions, but my personal explanation is that ICA wanted to show 47, how those improvised kills work and kinda award him for such creative “assassination” by making poor actor fly :slight_smile:

half of them probably quit after realizing that the fake jasper did in fact actually die.

if they quit, they probably either got very large “donations” to ensure their silence or they just got shot lmao

Well… If ICA has brought a real plane with functioning ejector seat, I think parachute will be here too. Or ICA has just killed the man because of?..

Yea but that implies 47 goes to the Himmapan loads of times on the same day before killing Ken and Jordan as an example