Ich habe alle meine Daten verloren

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Nachdem ich meine account Daten zusammengeführt habe, ist alles weg.
Waffen, Fortschritte usw

Please help me!

Just so you know, this is English speaking forum.
So please consider posting in English here

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Dies ist ein englischsprachiges Forum. Erwägen Sie, auf Englisch zu posten. Darüber hinaus können Sie in https://ioisupport.zendesk.com ein Ticket für den offiziellen Support einreichen.


This is an english speaking forum. Consider posting in English. Furthermore, you can submit a ticket for official support in https://ioisupport.zendesk.com .

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Hey sorry I didn’t know that.
Can u pleas help me? I lost all of my progress in hitman after I connected my hitman2 acc with hitman 3.

Sorry fory bad English.

And thank u very much for your help and advice.

That is an intended process. You are warned when you do the Progression Carryover that your existing HITMAN 3 progress will be overwritten.
This warning shows up when you do the Progression Carryover process here https://profile.hitman.com/
And it’s explained here

If you have already started playing and earned some progression in HITMAN 3, and THEN choose to perform the progression carryover process, you will lose all progression earned within HITMAN 3.


I understood he lost all his progress in the entire game and that is weird.
Needs confirmation though, maybe I’m wrong.

@Niklas_Schmitz can you elaborate on which progress exactly did you loose?
If only from HITMAN 3 locations, that’s how it works, the merging process overwrites your progress from HITMAN 3.
But if you lost all your progress in entire game, this is much worse and unintended.
In this case you need to address to Support Team, the link is provided above.
Only they can help you.
But again, this applicable only if you lost all the progress in the entire game.
If you lost your progress in HITMAN 3 locations exclusively, it’s all right, it’s how it should work and nothing can be done with that, just play again and achieve everything again