Idea for a disguise system

I came up with an idea for a disguise system in future Hitman games which, in my opinion, could be pretty cool if implemented well. It’s essentially Codename 47/Blood Money’s system (i.e. disguises let you walk around freely without arousing any suspicion unless you do something suspicious or walk into a restricted area) but with the added mechanic that guards (and other armed NPCs) remember you when they see you, so if they spot you in a different disguise, they recognize you (maybe not immediately, it could be a “timer” like in the recent games). I think this kind of system would allow the game to retain the unhindered exploration aspect of Blood Money while also necessitating more careful/meticulous planning. Obviously in order for it to work, the levels would need to be designed with that system in mind. What do you think?


Nah. I don’t really like the idea of walking through a room full of non enforcers and coming back in a different disguise and they’re all enforcers because they saw me in Disguise A ten minutes ago for less than ten seconds and now they’re all suspicious because they saw me ten minutes later for less than ten seconds in disguise B.
Disguise system right now is really good I feel, much better than BM


No. Loads of times I use a starting location with a disguise and dont change out of it. Which would mean zero enforcers with your idea.

Current disguise system is far superior


That’s one way to spice up the formula. Game had begun to feel a bit stale, and it could be a fun little gimmick. It would definitely have to be situation specific though, not all guards are going are going to be paying attention, but maybe some waiters will be.

I can see where you’re coming from, if i lure a guard into a bathroom and people see me come out in the guard uniform, they would notice :smile: but it is a game after all and i don’t really care for disguises, it’s easy to get disguises and easy to roam once you have one

I see what you mean, but I actually don’t think people even in real life would challenge a waiter who they’d just seen dressed as a bodyguard. They’d doubt themselves instead.

Well, to be fair, if you’re a security guard, it is pretty much half your job to spot suspicious activity, and I feel like seeing a fellow guard (whom you’ve never seen before) suddenly wearing a waiter outfit would set of a few alarms. But that said, the whole idea sounded better in my head when I wrote it - on second thoughts there’s a lot situations where it wouldn’t apply and making it realistic would require too much effort and would be ultimately kinda pointless. I was pretty baked when I came up with it, sorry :sweat_smile:

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Dude these are great ideas. Although I agree with the others that the disguise system is pretty much amazing as it is in H2, your idea would work for greater difficulties (which is something I’ve always wanted in Hitman games) Just more and more difficulties that can include stuff like your disguise idea, basically making it more realistic which = ultimate satisfaction at the end of a mission.

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I honestly like how Hitman has done the disguise system now where certain npc are enforcers. it adds to the difficulty forcing you to think and react harder than before. In my opinion it’s more realistic because someone sees you dressed as a guard and they see as that, whereas the enforcers are maybe higher-ups who don’t recognize you and see you as suspicious and question your disguise. I really didn’t like Absolution where you had to constantly use your limited instinct to walk past people with your head down covering your face type deal.

P.S. I love your profile pic :metal:t2:

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They only thing I have to say about disguises is; whenever 47 has a mask on, there should be no enforcers period. That shit got on my nerves with Absolution! Like, how the hell they gonna be suspicious of the disguise if his face is totally covered? Unless you’re acting suspicious of course (running in circles, crouched down, sneaking etc.)


Couldn’t agree more
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I wholehartly agree. The problem is that there are a few outfits that have a masked and unmasked variation. The Street Soldiers in Santa Fortuna or the Crows in Mumbai come to mind. You would have to treat them like two different disguises.

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