Idea for a Location-Mission : a rare Birdie

Name of the mission: To kill a mocking Birdie / a rare Birdie

This idea has been in my head for a while now, so here is my two-cents idea for a DLC content map, story and target.

Diana’s mission description :

« You’ve been expected 47. Do you remember Birdie, your ‘old pal’ from Chicago ? Since you departed from the Windy City many years ago, Birdie has established himself as the almighty Slumlord. Counting only on himself when it comes to business, he has been accumulating a lot of hatred from the city council, as the little rat keeps spreading death on easy streets (insert images of drugs, executions, etc.), making it impossible to relocate potential zombie-like voters without making it look bad for the mayor’s image. But the war on territory stands for what it’s always been : a market place for death and this time, the city called for retaliation. We sent them an answer, you.

This one is going to be a pleasurable off the track mission as you will expertly craft a long-awaited deadly game of cat and mouse. You will find Birdie in his heavily guarded decrepit penthouse. Many opportunities lie here as you’ll make your way through the cracks of a kingdom on the verge of collapsing. Be sure to eliminate Birdie’s dark emissary in the process, inspector Anthony Rivera who is to our taste a little too devoted to protect his favourite whistleblower as the bodies keep piling up.

All habits die hard 47 and we expect nothing less. Good luck. »

If there is one character that annoyed me a lot, it’s Birdie in Absolution. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could finally set things straight with him. ? Some ideas that i put here.

Location : Chicago. It still has its colony of well-reknowned pigeons and hippies. Level is under dark clouds, it has been raining for days. 47 will start in a small flat, on the street or the subway or even the tailor’s store seen in Absolution !
Locations : penthouse in an old neighbourhood, filled with a 24/24 deli (to get rat poison/ can/ bottle), small food places, underground parking, safety ladders, different apartments to get into. Playing fan service with Absolution, elevated subway could be one of the the exit doors.
I thought of a hidden passage in a small city park leading to the private court of the building.

Possibility of disguise : security guard, homeless, delivery guy, police officer, hippie, worker, etc.

Targets : ‘Birdie’ and Inspector Anthony Rivera.

Possibility of sniper at different positions, poisoning pizza, building being facelifted which leads to accidents, fireplace exploding, lift accident, etc.

Rewards : Birdie’s pigeon-stained vest, pigeon gun (comic effect), pigeon suit

It would be so cool to see it happen, new location, mission. I have some visuals in my head but it’s hard to express them. The lift accident would be one of the cool new features here. I see it as a closure mission for Absolution.

So please IOI, i’m here, everything is in my head, please, consider this from a die-hard fan. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

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Sadly, IOI will most likely not include new locations in H3 , instead, there might be side missions instead (like Landslide, The Icon, The Silver Tongue, etc…). But still, pretty interesting idea.


A few people have mentioned a “back to Birdie” type mission since, as far as we know, he potentially remains a fairly large loose end. Yours is the best one I have read though. Would be fun for sure.


Oh wow, thanks. I totally agree that he remains a shadow character during Absolution, but his charismatic persona and also that 47 has unfinished business with him could lead to a marvelous showdown of a level.

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Before H2 was release, I had hoped he would’ve been an ET in Colombia. Like he was hiding out there. And I had a different concept in my mind than what Colombia turned out to be. :confused: I was thinking of something a little more like Sapienza crossed with Marrakesh. But, if he were in what we know Colombia to actually be, I guess he’d be helping Rico Delgado with some logistics of shipping whatever… maybe human trafficking (that seems to be the worst thing somebody could do).

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I thought about a south american level too. He is the kind of character that would stay in America…