Idea for fan made Elusive Targets

In contracts I think it could be possible to make your own Elusive Target. Here me out.

  1. Select from any of the Elusive targets roster

  2. Select level

  3. Walk a route you want your target to take (accompanied by bodyguard) with no ability to raise alarm, harm anyone, climb or act in a way a target can’t

  4. Then you’d have to complete your contract as Agent 47 with a Silent Assassin rating to upload

and the biggest change to the usual contracts is that it can only be attempted once (I’m saying the standard Elusive Target rules)

It’s a very pie in the sky idea, and an idea I’ve seen crop up a few times on the forums. And while it surely does sound interesting, it also sounds like a extraordinary amount of work, being able to let players make custom NPC paths

Personally, I don’t believe IO is currently in a place atm where they’d be willing to pour so much time into a developing this new form of contracts mode. They’ve already stated they were rather stretch over the course of H3 and we can see their main focus has always been content updates rather than altering contracts mode

If they did alter contracts mode though, I would rather see small achievable changes like new complications or an expanded definition of kill conditions


I think you’d have a lot more things to consider in the routine. What about ‘Target Lockdown’ safe-areas? Not to mention lines/dialogue… Unless they’d have some pre-scripted lines to choose from for when/where your target is doing X in Y location, etc. Something to identify them and make them stand out. If not then I think it’s no better than picking a preexisting NPC on a map that already has a set routine, dialogue/lines… and essentially disabling instinct or the red highlighting you’d normally have for targets.