Idea for master difficulty tweak

I would play master mode more often if it weren’t for the limited saves. It can be a fun challenge and add to the tension of SASO runs and whatnot, but it stops me from playing master mode more often. I’m used to saving anywhere after 30 years of PC gaming, and the family could need me at any moment. I know some people love the limited saving though, and wouldn’t want to take away their fun.

So I was thinking about a subtle tweak that would make it a little more workable as a common mode to play for people like me, but keep the limitation idea in place. My thought? One save per target, or one additional save for 3 targets, either way. This would keep saves limited, and still give you that tension and challenge, but be a little more lenient for people with families and limited time.



I personally think they should remove the bloody disguise part from Master difficulty. I don’t think anyone willing to play on that difficulty will go around shooting non-targets so the rule seems a bit pointless. It’s relevant for missions which have targets you can disguise as, which I think only includes two from the Patient Zero campaign? Can’t quite remember

As for the actual subject of the thread, I have memories of doing Three-Headed Serpent/Freedom Fighters and seriously wishing that I had an extra save. But the Master is honestly lacking when it comes to difficulty, the save limitation is the only thing that really separates it from Professional. I’d maybe consider giving certain missions one additional save, that’s as far as I’d be willingly to go.

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I’ll never play Master mode consistently. Why? Because it only matters for challengers and nothing more. All the other modes that IOI has are all on the standard “Pro” setting (contracts, elusive targets, PC award challenges - see Gule’s win). So if this is the case, why bother with Master mode?

It’s a useless mode that I hope would go away.

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The main reason I’d like to play master more often is because I think professional is a little too easy. Like how there’s always emetic poison near an opportunity, or a crowbar near an object that needs one, stuff like that. I like how master removes a lot of those things. However the limited saves make me not want to play it that often, hence the idea. If I could save after every target, I’d be a lot more likely to play it. I think that would still feel restrictive to most.

Saving only mattets to me when doing challenges, e.g. for SASO Master. That would be way too easy with more saves I think.

For everything else, as w00 said, it doesn’t really matter anyways as even contracts mode and everything else plays on professional,

I would say three saves instead of one. I know they want to make it more challenging but in some cases it makes a playthrough almost impossible. Especially when a mission has more than two objectives.

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How about not tweaking Master but making Pro and Casual harder
Would make more sense and more people happy


How’s about No Thanks! I think Professional mode hits the absolute sweet spot of difficulty for my tastes, best the series has ever had it.


I like playing on Master. Having only one save means you can’t just reload if you screw up something. So Mastery should stay as it is.

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Master should stay as is but there should be a difficulties between Casual and Pro and Pro and Master. Like the old days.

Anyway they need to add back the 2nd Bangkok terminal to Casual and Pro. Currently it’s easier to destroy evidence in literally every other level

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Yes but when you have more “real life” things occupying your time, restarting over and over becomes much less fun. :wink:

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In my opinion, having more than one save kind of invalidates the whole difficulty. Sure, there are more cameras and enforcers, but if you can save once you reach multiple “checkpoints” I feel the difficulty is severely diminished.

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I’m so cool I almost never save :muscle:

except H2SA and Contracts, of course

You can always pause the game if it’s a short interruption or swallow the bitter pill and use your save earlier than intended. Besides having only one save is more of an issue if you play the level the first few times. Once you know every nook and cranny, you can finish the levels much faster.

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Once you know the levels super well and are just doing quick runs for classic challenges or whatever it’s fine, yeah. The point of the thread was “I don’t want to play master right away or by default because of one save.” I’m saying I’d like to play master all the time, even a first go at the resort, but I don’t because of the strict save limit. A few saves instead of one would change that.

My aim for any given location is to play Master difficulty once only (after learning the map in Professional) doing a SA SO run using the Sniper Rifle to make my kills (to get all of the Classics challenges in one run) and then happily retreat to my comfort zone of Professional and never ever ever touch Master difficulty for that location again.


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I never actually use the one save I’m allowed anyway. The only times that I did use it was where I would be in a position to knock out more than one conflicting challenge at a time but since I have all of those completed now, I use a total of zero saves per playthrough on Master.

I realise that not everybody plays this way but it personally doesn’t bother me.

Checkpoint timer saves… only one slot. You can just quit and when you load that one slot “it is what it is”.

If you messed up that’s where it picks up. :slight_smile:

I’d be down for that.

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After seeing that Dalia had a guard in her bathroom, of all places, I decided to not play the highest difficulty setting anymore. Changes like that are ridiculous in terms of realism.