Idea for master difficulty tweak

The HITMAN 2 levels are better in that regard. Probably because they were created with Master Difficulty in mind.

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He’s just making it a little harder to enter the room by scaling your way into the bathroom; that would probably be likely in real life if that was a potential entry point. You can let him almost spot you in the Attic and he’ll leave to investigate or you could just take the stairs on the other side and walk straight in the opposite way.

Master difficulty is fun, it really is. Give it a chance before dismissing it completely. There are also unlockables for completing every mission with SA/SO and Sniper Assassin on Master difficulty…


Professional is where it is at. Master = trash

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I think I’d want something between them, ideally. Like I said the whole “crowbar always where you need it” thing is a little too easy IMO, but yeah master mode might have a few too many annoyances. I think if I could save more often I’d probably default to master though, it’s just nice to have to look around for stuff more. I’m the type who plays with the entire HUD off and no mission stories though, so… everyone’s different.

I always play with full HUD. Different goals

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