Idea on how dual baller could be implemented

I’ve been working this idea out in my head for a little bit and wanted to post it. One of the things a lot of people have been asking for is dual silverballers, the same way they wanted briefcases. When briefcases were put in in H2, they weren’t just a simple way to carry around your sniper rifle, they were pretty useful in themselves. I have a similar idea that dual ballers could be put it that aren’t just “hey now you have 2 guns!”

First off is how you carry them into a mission. The idea is you can have a normal silverballer as your pistol, and you can equip a secondary baller that takes up both of your other item spots. The point of this is to intentional decide to play the game in a specific way, like you are choosing to play it in guns blazing “berserker mode”. No coins, no lock pick. 47 is going in with two guns and shooting his way out. I think you will still be able to have a item stashed for you, but thats all you get. You’re not going to choose the second baller if you are going for SA rank, it’s if you want to play the level like a John Woo movie.

When you use both ballers at the same time it will work like older games. 47 pulls the guns out, he aims them both, and when you shoot, you shoot both guns. The victim will go flying, the way they do when you use the matador or the striker but silenced, just like in older games. And you use a bullet from each gun like the old games, meaning you will chew through ammo really quickly and have to reload after 7 bullets. It’s not practically useful, and if more of a drawback than anything else. I think this is what it would be like if they just stuck it in the game.

But it comes with 2 features from older hitman games that will make the gunplay a little more dynamic.

Feature 1 is point shooting. I don’t think a lot of people really liked this in Absolution, but bare with me. I skipped absolution and only recently played it for the first time. The game isn’t great, but I was interested in the point shooting mechanic. I guess its kinda ripped from one of the splitter cell games, but I never really played then so whatever.

It would work similar to how it did in Absolution. If you have both guns out you can trigger instinct and then hit the Square button( for PS controller, you’d hit whatever it was for PC and Xbox) and time would slow down. You point at where you want to shoot hit the trigger to put a mark on them at the place you aim and when time runs out or you push sqaure again, 47 shoots. I don’t really like it breaking into weird camera angle cinematics, I think it should just be 47 shooting them after without any change in camera.

This would help with gunplay because first you obviously get to slow down time. Kinda like how in metal gear solid 5 where Big Boss has a few seconds to eliminate anyone that spots him and is about to alert others, you can use it for that one dude that sees something he wasn’t supposed to, but it will also make handling a fire fight with multiple enemies a little more manageable. The slowmo mechanic is already a thing for sniper rifles, and in this mode you now have 14 bullets to make count.

I think the slowmo should last about as long as it does for sniper rifles, and I don’t think there needs to be like a bar or any indication, same as sniper rifles. Again, I think there should be a button to press for slowmo, not the “kinda lightly press the right trigger button” thing we have for the sniper rifle, because we have to be able to fire multiple shoots. Maybe you don’t necessarily have to hold down instinct to do it either, because I know some people don’t like instinct. If people really hate the point shooting thing altogether, you could even have all the same mechanics, only that pulling the trigger to mark people instead just shoots them, making it more like a max payne Slowmo feature without the jumping through the air.
Personally I like slowing down time and marking the shots. We know 47 is a badass in a gunfight when he needs to be, the end of most hitman games proves this, and I think this overlooked feature from absolution would best let us see that.

It’s also important to note that I think you can only use the point shooting once per reload, and the reload takes twice as long as a normal reload, meaning you have to put some thought into when you use it and can’t just spam it.

So the idea is that when shit gets crazy 47 pulls out both guns. He can shoot with both guns, which makes people go flying, or when the number of enemies is too much, you hit the slowmo point shooting to clear out a bunch of them, then duck behind cover for a longish reload. But as more guards pile in 47 starts to think about other options.

Feature number 2, the other long asked for Human Shield mechanic.

So the idea is that you can only use human shields with 2 ballers. Again, choosing 2 silver ballers is like choosing to play the game is a non-formal different “mode” where you go in with nothing but your guns with the intention of massacring anyone that stands between you and your target. You point shoot when you need to, and you can grab a dude and stick him in front of you when you need to.

The in game logic is I guess you have one gun on the human hostage, and you use the other one to shot people. It functions the same as the last 2 hitman game, so no real need to go into a ton of detail, but again the point is you can only do it with 2 ballers out, not any old hand gun.

2 silver baller mode is like a third different way to play the game. You can going into a level like normal, overflowing sinks, putting rat poison in coffee, knocking people out, taking their cloths, arranging “accidents”. You can go in with a sniper rifle in a briefcase, find a nice vantage point and snipe your targets. Or you can go in ballers out in psycho blood bath mode where your shooting people so hard they fly backwards off a building, take someone as a hostage and gun down the target and bodyguard, before gunning your way out and even being able to place multiple amazing head shots as innocent people run screaming in terror. When you choose to put the second baller in your inventory instead of a lockpick or coin, you are deciding to fuck shit up.

So that’s my idea for dual silverballers. Again, a lot of these feature are kinda already in the game to an extent, and the others are things that have straight up been in previous games, with a tiny bit of tweaking. My first hitman game was Contracts, and I would replay Traditions of the Trade so many times, often going in guns blazing to see how far I could get, that it became pretty much my favorite level of any videogame ever. I did the same thing with the Basement Killing level in H2SA, and though you can still sorta do it