Idea - World Map Journey Mode

What I really want is a rogue like mode in Hitman. But it may hardly to come true.
So this one make a compromise.
It’s an enhanced contract mode.
• Use world map screen to start.
• In this mode you can play 5 or 10 levels in a row , or just make it endless.
• In each level you can pick 1 out of 3 contracts at 3 different locations to complete that level. These contracts are randomly gathered from contract mode .
• At the beginning you’ll get easy contracts ,as you complete the level the difficulty will rise(difficulty is base on the data collection of a contract).
• You can earn money after one contract is completed.
• You can’t use unlocked items directly. You need money to buy them. Also the start point and agency pickup.
• You’ll lost your items if you are not carry them when exiting mission.
• You begin with low skills . You can buy lessons to increase them.
• Some new items that only exists in this mode, like body armor.
• You can abort mission at any exit point at any time , then return to world map to choose another contract .Do so will mark that contract as failed, and you can’t play same contract twice in this mode.
• You must pay penalty when fail to complete a contract .If you don’t have enough money you’ll lose.
• You also lose If you die or fail to complete the last one contract .
• Get spotted or body found may rise the alert level of that location . It will take effect when you next time enter the same location. You can pay the price to make settle down.
• Buy information to get side mission and earn more money.
• Complete all levels or lose in endless levels to get reward. Reward is some random items or benefits you can use in next game.

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What I would like to see in Hitman 3!

I think from now on it should be like this :slight_smile: