Idle animations


Am I the only one that feels that idle animations should be more prevalent and/or available to trigger whenever you want? I kinda love getting into a disguise and having 47 do whatever the person in that disguise should and/or would be doing.

Wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world for these to have a button and/or hotkey so that we can activate the animations whenever we want. It would stop standing idle from being totally bland with 47 literally standing there like a statue with his arms by his sides.

Am I alone in this or…?

Anybody that disagrees is going to the gulag.


I completely agree.

I was happy to see them added in Hitman 2016 and would like to see more.


Great Idea!

Idle Animations actually showing randomly so a button/a way to trigger them would be very helpful :+1:


I’m hoping I could activate some of the weapon animations so while I’m waiting I can start flipping a striker around.


I love when he has a knife and he looks at it :grinning:


Or checking the gun chamber :+1:


Yeah, seems like a pretty good idea. Another thing too is it could be another way to “blend in” if you need to. That way, you don’t have to go find a “blend in” location such as sitting on a bench.

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I dint like the first one. So dissatisfying when the gun doesnt go into a holster


i don’t know why it bothers me so much, but ive been trying to get the cowboy idle animation and it just never works when i want it to, if at all. the gun chamber check animation seems to be nonexistant these days, as well. this bothers me so much and idk why, i really hope they fix it with this patch.

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I love how 47 checks his earpiece randomly whenever he has a guard disguise on…like „I‘m doing my job here, what are you looking at?“ :joy:

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i did some testing, and i found out that the idle animations only trigger when you’re in close proximity of an NPC. this is pretty dumb for many reasons, but one of those reasons is that it makes the Cowboy Striker flip animation impossible

and if you restart the mission, the animations don’t trigger at all, it seems


Yes i confirm. It only triggers near some NPCs (not all of them) and randomly, depending multiple factors like how much time you moved, proximity of NPC, etc…

But still no way to trigger them by yourself, it’s so random atm :confused:


When has the answer to that question ever been “yes”?

In any case, I fully agree with the “trigger” part. It could work like a mini-blend, not making you immune to suspicion, but slightly more resistant. Conversely, not doing it might slightly raise suspicions. not overly so to be game-breaking, but it would be kind of nice to be somewhat punished for behavior that could be considered quite awkward.


When have unnecessary and snide remarks like that ever resulted in anything other than a negative reaction? Maybe, in the future, just stick to the topic like you did in your second paragraph instead of acting like a cock.

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It was just a general observation. No need for the tantrum. Feel free to follow your own solid advice.

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Agreed, that was way OTT dude.