Idle animations


Am I the only one that feels that idle animations should be more prevalent and/or available to trigger whenever you want? I kinda love getting into a disguise and having 47 do whatever the person in that disguise should and/or would be doing.

Wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world for these to have a button and/or hotkey so that we can activate the animations whenever we want. It would stop standing idle from being totally bland with 47 literally standing there like a statue with his arms by his sides.

Am I alone in this or…?

Anybody that disagrees is going to the gulag.


I completely agree.

I was happy to see them added in Hitman 2016 and would like to see more.


Great Idea!

Idle Animations actually showing randomly so a button/a way to trigger them would be very helpful :+1:


I’m hoping I could activate some of the weapon animations so while I’m waiting I can start flipping a striker around.


I love when he has a knife and he looks at it :grinning:


Or checking the gun chamber :+1:


Yeah, seems like a pretty good idea. Another thing too is it could be another way to “blend in” if you need to. That way, you don’t have to go find a “blend in” location such as sitting on a bench.