If 47 was assigned to kill you, what would be the ideal way he does it?


I’d likely be drowned in the toilet bowl because I always forget to lock my bathroom door. XD


Fiber wiring me when I’m visiting HMF would probably be the best way to do it


he got lockpick :smiley:

i would be killed with lethal poison in my beer :smiley:


In my sleep, like the soldiers in the school in Marrakesh


Shooting me in the head with a silenced sniper rifle while walking on the street.


He could poison me really easy.

I was just thinking about this at work. I always leave things unguard like a bottle of water or cola. Really easy. Plus I let things inside at work while I’m out doing my routine check.

But if 47 really has to kill me. I want him to do it with the Silverballer while he looks me in the eyes. I would then smile and say to him “This is a true honor for me mr. 47”


You know man, I can’t wait for @Quinn to show us an update of that people who talk bad things about this forum and watching your profile pic this time with this quote next to it and they justifying how this place is full of mentally unstable people.:joy:


I would hope 47 fail his mission, but if not I chose an assassination like Deewanna Jee in SA, while I’m not awake


My profile pic shows just the face. I manage to make this perfect maniac face.
This is the rest
I’m like COME AT ME BRO! or so I believe
Bullet is fake. It came with the airsoft WA2000. It has 3 fake bullets


“Come at me with me airsoft rifle and you’ll see what happens to you”. Now, seriously, why your picture was there?


There where?


In the thread about banned members talking about the forum on Reddit.


I have no idea. I tried to search that part with my pic on reddit but nothing. Really don’t know.
I’m not even registered on reddit. And till a week ago I thought it was a website where you publish only funny pictures and memes. I had no idea it was a forum alike


A forum full of SJW, now that is a real problem.


I’d have to say sabotaging my jeep. It’s already been through a lot and has some mechanical issues already so easy and believable “accident kill.”

EDIT: It’s a little banged up. Always wanted to get a custom bumper sticker that says:
“Jeep: If it’s not fucked up, you’re not driving it right”

By the way, creative topic. Hope it takes off!


Agent smith style where he doesn’t really kill me just pretends to :smile: I don’t want to die haha.


Sometimes at night I like looking at buildings around trying to find a good sniping spot
So yeah…sniping me from one of tall buildings at the moment when I look at him


I kind of feel like this should be my computer wallpaper, does it comes in 1920x1080?


Puncture my mtb bike tire when i’m at sleep… i would cry my heart out when i woke up and discovered it…


He would probably kill me in my bedroom. He smothers me with a pillow or snipes me throught the window.