If 47 was assigned to kill you, what would be the ideal way he does it?


He’d greet me and say “hi I need to use a bathroom”

I would eagerly wait for him to come out and blast me in the head with a 45 cal like the fanboy I am


Hahahahahahahahahhaa so funny


Would definitely have to go out with the ICA standard issue invisible fiber wire. Either that or poison in my beer like @Pagan


Simply snipe my head off from other building through our tower window (similar to the optional Claus target in Marrakesh but much higher)


I don’t think he would want to waste a single bullet on me, so definitely fiberwire. Totally silent and the most economical.

The best part is I’ve got a HUGE wickerwork trunk in my bedroom which looks exactly like the one below, so he could drag and hide my body within like a few secs. :expressionless:


I’d probably just get pushed down the stairs or some boring shit like that.


I feel forced to correct your TT because the answers are taking a direction towards “If Agent 47 was assigned to kill you” instead of “If a hitman” which is also poorly written.

If you believe that Agent 47’s name is Hitman or something like that… don’t.


If I’m home, I mostly sit by the window all the time. You tell me.


dressed as a cop-don’t delete the evidence.


>corrects thread title
>doesn’t de-capitalise anything


Probably by an exploding fire extinguisher, eventhough i don’t have one of those in my house :smirk:


He’ll 360 no scope me.


He would make me watch BOTH Hitman movies.


I capitalized everything.


LOL, no :smiley:



Wait, you did?



He would probably kill me with a sniper rifle. There is a forrest just opposite of my office window, since my computer is used very regularly the shot wouldent be hard.


Because I can, unlike you :imp:

And because the grand majority of the “best” or “more recurrent” posts in the forum have caps.



It’s a grammatical error… :sob:


Duuuudee, where’d you get that? :scream: