If 47 was assigned to kill you, what would be the ideal way he does it?


Internet. Airsoft website. I have it since 2012


He’d probably kill me with one of my own combat knives and make it look like an accident/suicide.


I would definitely be eliminated in a kitchen accident. Whether death by clever, poison, knife or stove explosion. He would have plenty of options to kill me and could hide my body in the freezer no problem.


He would put Lethal Poison in a slice of pepperoni pizza and serve me the slice of pizza he poisoned.


Since I’m a mailman, of course I have to choose to be shot delivering mail to Agent 47 like the beginning of Blood Money’s “Till Death Do Us Part.”


That only happened because it was a code red letter, otherwise, your reward would have been a cold and emotionless “Thanks” from “Mr. Julio”.


I’d be shot while naked in the shower :stuck_out_tongue: the shower curtain would conveniently cover my genitals

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Oh come on. You can be more original than that. Letter bomb? Rabid dog attack? Exploding mailbox? :scream:


No, being shot at the door works for me. Some of the places I used to have to deliver to, it seemed like it could have happened.:grin:


sick shirt! was it a custom? or did you get it from a site? i need to get myself a hitman shirt


he’d probably get me while I’m playing a game , since my setup is my back is to the door and i have noise canceling headphones, wouldn’t hear him coming haha


But I like it like that :smirk:

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It was on sale back in 2012. Its official from Hitman. But I don t know if you could still find it. Any way l. It has holes now thanks to my cat and I use it as pijama


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Hm if 47 was to kill me, i prefer he recreated his handy work he did with Carmine DeSalvo. Killing me mid Bench Press! i’ll be there going crazy on the bench press and then call for a spotter and then this bald motherfucker comes to spot me, and when i’m all out of energy is when he drop the bar on my neck and keep pressuring it until my neck either snaps or i die from the missing oxygen in my lungs. That would be my ideal way for 47 to kill me.


Sniped in the head with Walther 2000 from a forests nearby my house, when I take a morning pee at 6:00 AM


what’s up Mr. @Sharpy47DeadlyShadow wonder if you already lost faith regarding the missing rifle case in HITMAN game (and minor human shield…) I remember you got some survey from IOI regarding whom from some list is your top priority to be added into the game later on. any news regarding this survey results? anything you aware and can update? (maybe internal info you have after all you are a senior forum fan member aren’t you? :slight_smile: )


No it’s not, you can use capital letters in headlines and titles, there is no rule who say you can’t.
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