If 47 was assigned to kill you, what would be the ideal way he does it?


This is a pretty detailed fan-fiction, that doesn’t involve couple shipping, so I like it.


I stopped reading after the first paragraph when I noticed how long it was… still. A like for the first one and the effort you put into it :cry:


I only flag you :smirk:


Why would you become one before me ?:S


What is couple shipping? And thanks. It was intended to be shorter when I started but kept coming up with ideas as I went and then thought I’d poke fun at some of the glitches to while I was at it.


[quote]If Hitman was assigned to kill you, what would be the ideal way he does it?
Blow me.


Boooooo! I thought it got pretty entertaining. But that’s cool. I still love ya.


When people create non-canonical love stories involving the characters of a franchise, for example, DianaX47 (the x means the story goes around the romantic, invented by the author, relation between them). These kind of stories usually are cringeworthy in too many aspects, from story to more disturbing things.


I had a friend at school. This 15 year old gal would like to watch bizarre rommance stories of Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Involving but not limited to SilverXShadow, or “Sonadow”, or “Sonamy” etc.

I know that feel bro.


I remember whe I took a read of one of those stories without being sure of the meaning (and it ended being porn). It’s undeniable many of them are really creepy to the point it makes you wonder if the creator is a stalker/rapist/pedophile/serial killer/all the previous ones, but usually at the end it’s just a socially awkward person who doesn’t have any knowledge of how relations really work and reflects a lot of sexual insecurity.


Oh, that gal watched them having sex, yeah. She was bad denying it. That’s why I know what you mean by bizarre.

I’ve even seen comments on youtube videos doing “fanfictions” of CodsworthXLibertyprime from Fallout 4. How do they dare? I don’t know.


I really wonder how many people fall in that, and much better, why they end like that?


You know what’d be even scarier than Diana x 47? Getting them involved in relationships with original characters created by fanfic writers. Something like…

Diana chillin’ in a bar after work and this hot guy comes up and buys her a drink. The 2 then start sharing their sophisticated views on the meaning of life etc. At the end of all the BS, they decide to go out and have a hot ONS. The sex scene is at least twice as long as the bar scene. (Probably a male author)

Or 47 is assigned to assassinate the daughter of a rich bloke and after stalking, I mean approaching her while disguised as a bodyguard, he finds her an absolute angel and gets obsessed with her and shit. After some internal struggles, 47 the Creep fakes her death and locks her up in a room which only he has access to. The two live happily ever after because apparently this girl has developed Stockholm Syndrome. (Most likely a female author)



I seriously wonder what happens in a person’s life to end with all those issues.


Of course 47!

and No…I won’t share.

You can handle the camera if you want.


The front seat is mine.


It’s actually not that serious. A lot of them especially female authors are just quiet, shy people who are a bit self-conscious(not even necessarily socially awkward) and lack in confidence to take initiative actions. They create these original characters who can be seen as the reflections of themselves and write about them being pursued as an expression of wanting more attention. Getting crazily pursued by handsome creeps is just a more exaggerated form of expression.

So as much as I cringe to these fanfic stories, I don’t have any problem with them or the authors because I understand they are just brain dumps and totally non-canon (I’d be a bit concerned if the second type of fanfic was written by a man though…). They’ll probably think we are the problematic ones after seeing us passionately fantasising about getting killed lol. :smile:


I dont think you want a front seat to THIS show

8 feet or more, bruh


damn you give more thought to things than people are usually willing to.

props to your critical thinking skills.


I would like to be killed by poisoning from fruit seeds. Untraceable, and looks like a deliberate suicide for my standards of study and knowledge.

Simply take some apples or other common fruits and join like 30 seeds, then crush them inside a glass until all the liquid is out. Then serve a drink and mix. Once ingested, the chemical reaction in presence of my stomach’s acids will create a deadly dose of cyanide.