If 47 was assigned to kill you, what would be the ideal way he does it?


fibre wire

i fucking hate typing “20 chars”


I dont prefer it, when you get assassinated you don’t really get a preference in the way you die, its whatever is convenient and with accidents its an assassins dream :joy:


47 would snipe me through my bedroom window with the Lancer, while I was playing Hitman, on the only night since launch where I didn’t get a single disconnect.


Ideally a long-term contract guaranteeing I die of old age. Initially I’d be completely unaware of it, of course, but in time I’d get fed up with Toby throwing coins to try and keep me from colliding with cyclists, all while wearing an endless succession of ho-hum disguises presumably robbed off people he’d choked out. He’d still follow me around making sure everything was copasetic but there’d be less drama fro both of us. Eventually I’d probably start eating more junk-food and exercising less, forcing Toby to step up and become an unpaid chef / personal trainer / general factotum to keep my blood chlorestol levels in check. Decades later I’d retire, if I even still bothered having a job, and it’d be like a party for both of us, with Toby judging the contract a success. Hopefully he would decide then to let nature run its course, but if not, I’d have prepared by moving to Japan where life expectancy is pushing 85, giving me another 20 years. “Why not Monaco?” you might ask, considering its table-topping 89 years old, but what I’m really banking on is that Toby will still be waiting on IOI to set him up for Japan, giving me a little breathing room.


[quote=“Supernova, post:101, topic:8972”]
Simply take some apples or other common fruits and join like 30 seeds, then crush them inside a glass until all the liquid is out. Then serve a drink and mix. Once ingested, the chemical reaction in presence of my stomach’s acids will create a deadly dose of cyanide.
[/quote] Are you being serious about this?Is that actually possible?


Maybe it takes a bit over 40 seeds depending on the fruit. But yeah.

Oh and if you eat them instead, you should need less.


Why would removing liquid from seeds be dangerous though?


If 47 have to kill me, then all I’m asking is for him to at least do it SA/SO style! :open_hands:
But no fiber wire! I want a quick death!


I’m studying for chemical engineering, not biology lol. But as far as i know it is the liquid that contains the cyanogenic glycoside. So a dry seed would not cause the (un)desired reaction on your stomach to create pure cyanide.

I think that any and all seeds from the plants of the family “rosaceae” contain cyanide. However this is from wikipedia. The previous paragraph is the only thing that i am competelly certain of.


He would insult me to death on bow much I visit the forum


47 would kill me with multiple silverballer shots… even while I’m dead.


i would wish 47 would wallbang kill me with a duck in a 20 seconds speedrun.


He’d smash my face into my computer screen as I was fapping, and I’d release my jizz at the time of death so there’s white goo all over his suit.



gaddamn dude


A bullet trough the head, quick and painless


With the russian roulette

Relativity of the life. A bullet for everyone…


47: “…Wait… you know who I am?”

47 puts the gun away and pulls out the New Bat.

47: “Maybe you work for the Shadow Client…You’re going to tell me where he is…”



There are many ways:
-Toucha mah spaghet to lure me out of hiding and kill me
-Tide Pod my beer
-Good old sniper shot through my not so bullet proof windows
-Suffocation while I’m sleeping like good old Beldingford
-He could just strangle me in the shower like Fuchs,too. I tend to sing as well so it’d be just as awkward

But the most easy would be
-Come up to me. I’d die on the spot if I saw 47 hunting me tbh. Not something you ever survive. But I’d ask him to pass me Diana to ask her all of the ICA questions I’ve ever wondered about to fill in my lore!


If wonder if 47 would take your assassination a bit personal given your username says you love one of his worst assigments in all the saga.