If 47 was assigned to kill you, what would be the ideal way he does it?


Oh come on,I hate Hidden Valley as well as you guys but I…“underestimated” our speedrunners and lost a bet. I originally was “Chigurh47” but I changed it. I don’t even know if I will change it back tbh,most people know me by this name now. It would kinda get confusing!
But yeah,47 would probably look at me straight in the eyes and headbutt my face to oblivion,or beat me with his briefc-oh wait…ok then,maybe shoot me while I’m in the shower as I whisper “No-” and try to explain why I have this name…but alas…it’s too late as the gun fires and I slowly fall with a conveniently placed towel on my naked corpse.
“Why?WHY THAT LEVEL?” 47 says filled with confusion and anger “YOU HAD SO MANY GOOD ONES TO NAME YOURSELF”
“47…m…my boi…Is…issa joke…” I say before I exhale my last breath.
“47?Is the mission complete?”
“Diana…I think we fucked up”

Spotted/3 Stars/Suit Only Completed


I want to come back to this: he’ll probably fiberwire me while I’m playing Hitman or he snipes me while I’m on my bike to school


dayyum this cracked me uo, i can imagine the look on 47s face lel


47 would sneak into my house in the night and swap out my vape liquid for kerosene.

Upon waking I would vape, blowing half my face off. The flames would catch on the bedsheets, setting fire to them and the house in turn. Silent Assassin.


Would you like that with suit only?


Of course :slight_smile:

+20,000 Points


47 would simply wait for my missus to slowly sap every ounce of life out of me by method of “persistent unrelenting nagging”

Like seriously I think this might actually be what’s happening :grimacing:


47 would use the Emetic Syringe on me, but due to stashing his silverballer in a bin to get past a frisk checkpoint before hand, I’d go to that bin, throw up on his gun, then he’d use the vomit drenched weapon to pistol whip me.