If agent 47 were a sim (as in, the sims), what traits would you give him?


just curious :slight_smile: i’m planning on making a sim of him once i get my sims 3 working haha. i’ll only create him in the character creation mode (playing him would be impossible to do!) i think ‘loner’ already is one, but how about the other four?


Never Nude


And just providing some extra downloads for TS3 here:

It will be perfect if some geniuses recreate Whittleton Creek in that game. Gonna get Helen West killed by fire due to low level of culinary skill and can’t handle blueberry muffins!


I used to make 47 in the Sims 2 and 3 for a laugh all the time. Would invite each neighbour separately and kill them off by closing them inside walls and trapping them next to burning ovens. I think the traits most suited for 47 are Genius, Handy, Lucky, Brave, Athletic, Neat, Ambitious, Daredevil and Perfectionist. I know you can only pick 5, but you can just use your best judgment. If you want to make him act funny, you can also use Snob, No sense of humor, Grumpy, Green thumb, Kleptomaniac and Evil.

Edit: I just remembered I also managed to make him become best friends with the Grim Reaper