If Blood Money was adapted into a film, would you watch it?

I am writing a fan script, adapting the cinematics, and common methods of completing some of the more popular missions into a film script. So far, it is verbatim, but I do change phrasing for the sake of length and engagment, some parts are longer, some are shorter, or the same as they appear in the game.

So far I have included the scenes between Rick Hendrickson and Cayne where they discuss “A Vintage Year” and the lead up to “Curtains Down”., where it flashes back to 47 at the opera house. I intend to include some of the smaller missions like “A New Life”. But am still deciding on some of the larger missions, like the casino, white house and requim missions.


If it was good sure but you very rarely hear about a video-game to movie adaptation to end up good…


I don’t think Blood Money functions very well as a movie, well not at least if 47 was the main character. BM’s story more or less takes place after the Franchise have “killed” 47, the story is an interview between a reporter and the head of the CIA. Where he tells what really went down.

I think C47 or SA would be easier to adapt, since it follows 47 journey from start to finish.


problem is (for me), 47 isn’t really a character, he’s a cipher. whenever anyone treats him as a character, rather than a force of nature, they dilute him. he shouldn’t really have a character arc or a personality because that isn’t what’s satisfying about him. the minute you do that, you undermine the mystery. equally, a movie where the main character isn’t somehow changed by the events is generally unsatisfactory.

in blood money, i always saw him as a lynchian idea of death. no one ever really sees him. he gives a little push here, a snapped chandelier there, then walks out without anyone even looking at him.

the real characters in the game are the people he whacks, but i don’t know if that would translate all that well into a movie. who wants to see a hitman film with hardly any hitman? a tv series though, might work…

(i’m not hijacking your thread, just popping an idea down. hopefully, it’ll help?)

treat it like a reverse columbo; a ‘howhedunnit’ rather than a ‘whodunnit’.

47 recieves his target at the beginning, but the rest of the episode follows a story involving the target rather than 47.

we see their lives, the people in it, why they deserve or don’t deserve to be whacked etc. you could have all sorts of genres for the story (barring the really obviously unrealistic ones). the thing is, the target is always in a position that’d be difficult for them to get whacked, so we’re always thinking “how’s 47 going to do it?”

then, right at a point you aren’t expecting, the hit happens and the target is dead. very quick, very sudden. you could really play with expectations. we’d also get to see the fallout of each hit.

afterwards a cop, one of the few who kind of knows who 47 is and has been hunting him, turns up. in a classic ‘whodunnit’-style denouement (with flashbacks) we are shown how 47 pulled it off and escaped. no one believes him, of course.

next episode.

if you were to watch the episode again, you would see 47 in disguise or in the background setting up the hit. clever little hints, nothing intrusive. as the series progresses, we’d be looking out for these on the first watch through.

i know that’s not at all what you’re going for, but i thought it might help spur some creative juices. :grin:


I think it could work; Blood Money isn’t just mindless killing, it’s also politics and lies and schemes and two factions trying to outsmart each other

The journalist framing device used in the game is cool bcause it’s a buildup to 47 being ‘dead’ (which leads to an epic slaughter) Meanwhile the missions get to show up what’s happening in the field and the appearance of these counter-assassins they have to deal with. Then in an unseen story from Diana’s POV of the staff being massacred and she escaping with the assets. then Franchise making her an offer she accepts, she poisoins 47, removes the poison and gives him guns then walks away, everybody gers massacred incliduing a really freaked out hournalist. Who has no idea what’s going on. Happy ending


I agree too. I am using the journalist’s interview as the backbone of the entire film. It starts of with the journalist and Alexander Cayne discussing 47 and the vinyard and opera missions, then it has a flashback to the opera from the perspective of 47. Like some have mentioned, I do think it is a good idea to focus more on the events that were not depicted in the game, like the aftermath of each killing.


I actually like your ideas. The idea of a howhedunnit actually isn’t that bad. It is easy to fall into the trap of writing the film as if you were playing the game, which i’ll admit already sounds rather flat and boring. I will try to maybe cut down the ‘47’ portions and focus on the aftermath of the missions. So for example, what happens at the opera house once the targets have been killed etc…


That is what I am doing already: making the interview the backbone, present day feature of the film. It includes flashbacks to the hits with 47 as the lead character per se.

Also, the Diana part of the story will be my ending part, and the funeral mission is also my ending as well.

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While Blood Money is probably the most film friendly out of all the games, I’m not sure if I’m down for a straight up retelling. I think it’s better if it’s an original story with some aspects borrowed from Blood Money.

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I’d watch it, but there are better ways to make a Hitman film. Interesting movies with the main character as an assassin are hard to make with out the usual tropes. They almost always boil down to a double cross that leads to an open conflict. The only real exception I can think of is Gross Pointe Blank which is a quasi romantic comedy and yet still includes an open conflict when Dan Akroyds character gets angry that John Cusak won’t join the union.

maybe something like a slice-of-life about an assassin’s mundanity could also be interesting

I remember this:

I’m not sure if it is a good movie, but it was an interesting project, and I enjoyed watching it. You might get some inspiration from it.


The 2 movies we got fell flat because they forgot that the series has a very dry sense of humour. 47 is some smug, suave generic action hero. He shows up to assassinate targets dressed as a chicken. But he can also be a cold, remote sniper just picking off targets and walking away. It’s a very hard characterization to get right.

The other thing you have to remember is that 47 lives and dies at Diana’s say so. If she hadn’t maneuvered 47 into the exact right position, he would have tried to go out in a blaze of glory like she predicted. And if she hadn’t been able to manipulate Cayne into taking her on as a Franchise agent, 47 would have died permanently. They’re excellent at what they do but they almost got outplayed and it took Diana’s clearheadedness under pressure and a bit of luck just to survive.

Strike the right balance between 47 being a fucking badass in the field and the tension of being surrounded by a threat he can’t quite see and you’ll do well.

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Not my favorite. It would be great to see someone inspired recreate a real version of some of the levels. The set dressing really impress me. I want to see the opera house in curtains down. Not a common setting this day. I went to one not too long it was so ornament.

I want to see New Orleans, I love that style of the buildings and the level plays out like a tense action scene with a count down in my head. House of cards, dance with the devil all good scenes. Even a yawn white house scene.

They just need good people.

I join the Others on this Topic. A Blood Money Movie could
defenitly work, so not with 47 as the Main Character. In my
opnion, a great Main Character would be Mark the Third, since
he’s kind of the Game’s Main Antagonist aside from Alexander
Leland Cayne, who’s Story we already see in the Game.

No, unless it was fan made. Hollywood would ruin it.

got any evidence for that, smarty pan—-oh

underrated post, dead on the money about how to handle 47 in plots. force-of-nature is the best description of his portrayal at its prime in the series


I think there can be quite a few scenes with 47, but more akin to cinematics in the games. It’d have to be when he’s off contract or planning for the next contract

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