If Hitman was able for die

If the 47 was able to become dead in canon, what think best timeline outcome for making 47 not being alive anymore? Is any have seen assasin creed emerald movie? Ezio is die old age along peaceful death. Now imagine how is the 47 pass on his legend?

I take it most people who work in this line of work doesn’t really die of old age. 47 already through the series have had a couple of close calls, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that 47 would die due to the nature of his profession. But since he’s a fictional character and the star of the game, I think 47 will die of old age.


Die of old age as a myth and an urban legend.

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Lethal syringe administered by Diana.
She did it once, she’ll do it again after she finds out what 47 did to her parents. 47 will allow it to happen, calm and rational, knowing the world is better off without him and that he wouldn’t be missed by anyone.


Being run over by a monster truck driven by Batman.



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47 will get run over by the Grand Funk Railroad.

I can totally see this at the end of HITMAN 3 to be honest.
I mean, the World of Assassination introduction video already teases the “world is better off without him” part, kind of.

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Overdose on vitamin gummyes

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If he reaches decrepity - I’m sure he’d meet the same fate he’s brought about to so many others. If a world of assassination is his life - there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be the end of it either. Taken out by another Hitman or Hitwoman, just fulfilling another contract. Circle of life and all that.

Maybe someone will prevent him from using the bathroom.



This will 47s last word before dies ater readind the cringeworthy Birth of Hitman comics.


Ass cancer

That’s how he’ll die


Being set on fire, falling off a building, being shot in the face three times, and then kicked to death by Uwe Boll. In that order


Flying setuple backflip off a tall building while flipping a double bird.

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Run over by a ford pinto then a lada and then buried alive in lego blocks

Baked alive in a gingerbread house.

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Boiled alive in a human sized pot

Kind of a downgrade from mine right?

I didn’t finish.

Boiled alive in a human size pot while a sloth slowly rips his testicles off, all while having tomato sauce poured on his bald fucking head

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Of course you didn’t finish.You had to spend time tacking on that extra guff.

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I still haven’t seen you come close to my Uwe Boll scenario