If the ETs had their own dedicated missions and maps

What would they be like ?

Some Examples

° Mr Giggles : Live perfomance of the Soiree Horrible

° Etta Davies : Small English village

° Miranda Jamison : Art gallery during some fancy exhibtion

The Congressman: A congress
The Prince: Persia
The Broker: Brooklyn
The Chameleon: A zoo


The Gunrunner: Harbor, Rotterdam

The Food Critic: Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant, Hong Kong

The War Lord + The Ex-Dictator (combo target): Some banana republic country

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The Forger - Hermitage museum, Saint Petersburg
The Congressman - yep, US Capitol
The Prince - yep, Vatican
The Sensation - yacht (he lives on yachts, remember)

The Fixer-Diamond Exchange, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Prince-Remote Mission, Andean Chile, Chile
The Congressman-Small Town, Nebraska, USA
The Hacker-Some Basement, California, USA
The Angel of Death-Hospice, Gloucester, UK


Forger: Palais De Walewska is fine, because he even has his office in there.
Broker: Maybe killed alongside Forger in Palais De Walewska, as they are friend.
Prince: Vatican
Sensation: As Pollisya said, a yacht
Gunrunner: Maybe somewhere in africa, selling weapons to crystal dawn or some african warlord
Twin: 1. The tobacco factory in china. 2. Anywhere that you would have vacation.
Wildcard: In a set of some movie, maybe hollywood?
Blackcap: They clearly have accent. Maybe mission in where that accent is from.
Pharmacist: Norway, her office?
Ex-Dictator and Wife: Marrakesh. I checked Sese Seko’s wikipedia and it says he escaped to marrakesh and died there.

The Forger and The Broker (Minus the Faberge Egg): A two target mission at the Palais de Walewska during the daytime and at a point where the palace has been reverted back to the museum it usually is. I was thinking about:


Having a cannon kill where Larin would be hosting a tour and you can trigger it.
Pretending to be a client for Moxton and killing him with a display sword
Stealthily taking the Faberge Egg and swapping it for an explosive. They blow each other up.
Luring Moxton out to the heated patio by manipulating cellphone reception. Sets up an heater explosion accident.
Pretending to be an appraiser and luring Larin into the attic and isolating him or setting up a falling accident.
The top floor is no access unless on a guided tour. You can take it and slip away unseen.

Anthony L Troutt (The Congressman): I was thinking it is a nice autumnal afternoon in a small town in the US, Nebraska to be exact only this time it actually is Nebraska not Texas but with a dialogue change.

It would be the main street with the leaves falling and campaign posters and banners with Troutt going around to various small businesses and canvassing for votes. Think Streets of Hope but it isn’t in Absolution so it is better.



An homage to Abs since it the least I could do. Killing Troutt by disabling an automotive lift thus dropping a car on him.
Pretend to be a blackmailer and luring him into an alley by calling him. Either snipe or drop an air conditioning unit onto him.
Calling in a security protocol as a security head and isolating him in his safe room.
Disguise as a campaign manager and lure him to an explosive rigged campaign van and detonating the vehicle.

Adalrico Candelaria (The Prince)
I was thinking a dreary and windy day in a remote mission village deep in the Chilean Patagonia. It is a poor village in a bleak landscape and the cardinal is making a stop there to help out relief efforts and bury any evidence that he was ever connected to Pinochet regime.



Dropping the mission bell onto Candelaria.
Poisoning him with the communion wine during a service.
Asking him for confession and shooting him in the booth.
Pretend to be the man with the files and throw him off a cliff with his papers.