If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


The Legacy Pack for Hitman 2 is a great opportunity (ahem) not only to bring the old maps to new consumers, but also to look back on their work through a non-episodic lens and make changes to mission scripting and layout to bring it up to their current standard and reimagine the levels to be more like what IO originally envisioned.

Of course, we as fans can just throw that out the window and suggest our own ideas, so let’s do that. Imagine your the head level designer for IO, how would you redo the levels from the ground up for the new engine?

I’ve got some suggestions (keep in mind, I’m spitballing, I don’t necessarily want these changes I’m just having fun speculating how to shake up the maps):

  1. Paris: This place is pretty much perfect, all I’d really do is maybe add a slight balancing change by swapping the positions of the master key and boat key and adding a helicopter key on Novikov. This would make it so the other exit is more useful because you might not have used an up close and personal kill.
  2. Sapienza: This is another map that I wouldn’t change much of, honestly. Maybe give Caruso an opportunity involving the virus being destroyed? There’s no real dialogue from him reacting to it like DeSantis does.
  3. Marrakesh: I’d really like to see what would happen if they were to make a way to enter the Consulate in the suit without trespassing. Maybe getting some sort of membership slip from the people inside? After all 47 is just as dapper as they are, I don’t know what makes them so special.
  4. Bangkok: I’d just change the routing of the targets to be more varied, honestly. Maybe have opportunities like Abel De Silva happen organically after enough time?
  5. Alright, Colorado is kind of a hot mess due to IO rushing such an ambitious level. They really needed more time to cool, so if they were to change anything in the legacy pack in a big way I’d love to see what those 6 opportunities they cut were. Especially if any of them involve Ezra.
  6. Hokkaido: I have no idea, maybe let 47 use the bathroom? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh he can


The first thing that comes to mind would be to refine the challenges. A lot of repeated processes and contract only challenges are just dull to go for.


Agreed, change the busywork and “knock 5 people out with the hammer” challenges into actual challenges that challenge the player


Change all the perfect English to to their respective foreign languages & accents for the location.


Why? The helicopter is there for Helmut Kruger, so it makes no sense for Novikov to have a key.


More weapons -> armed targets


I thought the helicopter was for the Shiek, as there was concept art of him walking away from it in the grass with the blades still spinning.


The Blackballer. It’s not even a change I just want it back.


OK. So I take it the rule is Only One per level.
I’m gonna try and use realistic changes and not massive redesigns.

  1. Paris - Add a way to kill Novikov with the falling lightrig without killing a bunch of innocents (one that doesn’t involve the randomness of a firealarm or similar)

  2. Sapienza - Change Lafayette so his path is not triggered by proximity. (moves in to meet Silvio by himself in due time)

  3. Marrakesh - Add the ability to use payphones to call in the secret passwords to cause Zaydan and Strandberg to meet (would cost a coin). (you’d still have to find the passwords of course)

  4. Bangkok - Fix the “camera problem” in the level. Either removing or moving to better places and reinstating the security office in the outside hut.

  5. Colorado - Make going to the storm shelter an objective from the start, and if the player goes there before killing the targets 47 goes “A contract is a contract” and you’re allowed to continue. This would mean all other escape points would be useable.

  6. Hokkaido - Make it possible for Yuki to meet with the yoga instructor (maybe approach him with some kind of injection as a doctor to help his problem) so you can snipe her just as they finish and he turns away from her.


Paris: During the Sheik opportunity have Dalia sent the NPCs away so that she’s alone with 47 when checking the laptop.

Sapienza: Replacing most bodyguards in the town with police officers. The ones that can’t be replaced with cops – like the morgue guards and the one escorting the female scientist to church – should be turned into mansion security.

Marrakesh: Place a metal fence between the soldiers guarding the embassy and the protesters. Just reuse the fence model from the ICA facility.

Bangkok: Make Dexy Barat the second target. A far more interesting character than Ken Morgan. But since that’s not a small change I’m going with “Better route for Ken Morgan”.

Colorado: Turn Maya Parvati into a non-target and add more opportunities for Berg and Graves. Again not a small change so my alternative would be to allow players to dress up as Berg.

Hokkaido: Have Soders react more drastically to 47. Currently he just looks mildly annoyed before he drops death. I want him to freak out.


Paris - Agree with Kent’s suggestion to make the Showstopper opportunity possible with only Novikov killed by the falling light rig

Sapienza - Make an opportunity available where Silvio would visit the church and you could perform some kind of hit on him there, outside the grounds of the mansion.

Marrakesh - Agree with the OP’s suggestion about finding some kind of in-level obtainable pass/invite etc that would make 47’s suit an acceptable disguise inside the Embassy

Bangkok - Camera consoles back in the backyard security hut, like they used to be.

Colorado - Some kind of opportunity becoming available by taking the clothes/mask of Ezra Berg

Hokkaido - This one is my personal bugbear/most important… please, PLEASE, for the love of all things holy, roll back to how it used to be with Jason Portman’s appointment resulting in a meeting with a Surgeon, not a doctor. The recent(ish) switch from a Surgeon to a Doctor kills two very important parts of the level: firstly, it makes the Jason Portman opportunity much, much less useful than it used to be, almost to the point where it’s not worth doing it; and secondly (and more importantly), the Surgeon disguise - which is essential to access some parts of the map - is now only cleanly attainable by either starting Undercover As A Surgeon, or cheesing the ‘peek-a-boo’ technique to artifically (and cheaply) lure a male surgeon away from other people in order to steal his disguise. Changing that ‘Jason Portman’ Surgeon to a Doctor was a baffling decision with no upside whatsoever, and I would love to see it reversed.


How long ago was that altered?


Pretty sure it hadn’t yet been borked at the time that The Surgeons Elusive Target was originally run. Not sure how long, but every day that Jason Portman meets a common-as-muck, easy-disguise-to-get-elsewhere Doctor rather than a rare-as-rocking-horse-poo Surgeon is one day too long for me.


Got some more:

  1. Paris: More opportunities to have both targets together. Maybe have an opportunity to make Viktor call Dalia down to the runway to show off his wife?

  2. Sapienza (Landslide): This is probably an old gripe by now, but please just let us use 47’s key to get into the apartment building. Why would 47 be able to get into his apartment but not the building? Is the land lord an asshole?

  3. Marrakesh (A House Built on Sand): Use the Gilded Cage locations instead of having them be dead. Maybe let us explore the closed down consulate for goodies or an opportunity where we can lure Kong out to the school? Either that or just lock them off.

  4. Bangkok: Climbing being a hostile action is stupid and goes against the vertical design philosophy of the level. Trespassing maybe, but not outright hostile. It’s a hotel, not a military base.

  5. Colorado (The Vector): Not much wrong with this one. Maybe let us choose our own snipers and suits for shits and giggles?

  6. Hokkaido (Patient Zero): Maybe add a patient starting location? Not a suit starting location, mind you, that’d fuck the balance of the level. Just put 47 in some white robes and viola.

Be free, even if you’ve already posted, to add some more changes you’d make to the locations. You can suggest changes for the bonus versions too, because that makes it more fun.


Wow you all have some really cool ideas!

This one is fun:

It would be funny if the way you activated this was to get a certain disguise and set up a massage for the yoga instructor saying that you studied under Connie Engstrom or that you met Connie in Marrakesh. Then when the yoga instructor is all back cracked and snapped to normal then maybe something else to get the yoga instructor to make their way out to the spa.

I just have a Bangkok idea that has maybe already been said or thought of. I think that it would be really cool if the far back side gates (where all the motorbikes are lined up) were open and there was a small jungle / side garden area that could connect with some of the upstairs rooms, via climbing pipe, on the Jordan Cross side of the hotel. Maybe not get you all the way up but maybe to the first floor up to then need a disguise for the next climb. On the ground it could be an area to add lots of foliage. It could also loop around and connect up to behind the front of hotel bar / storage area.

Maybe see one of those wild boars we always hear?:joy: Kidding of course


I’d add new starting locations for the Bonus Summer Episode and the Patient Zero campaign.
Something like starting in the market area for Landslide, near the city hall tower in The Icon, and near the abandoned school on AHBOS.
For PZ, you could start on 47’s suite in the Source, in front of Villa Caruso in the Author , and as a patient in the resort area of the hospital in Patient Zero. The Vector doesn’t need any other starting location, of course.
Just adding one more starting location (and more smuggled item points too) would be enough to make each bonus location feel more complete and greatly improve their replayability. :slightly_smiling_face:


already confirmed that they’re adding more starting locations to the non-main missions


Number 1 is “In Hokkaido, at some point, Eric Soders must have the heart transplant.”

This presents new possibilities…

  1. Poisoning the heart with Fugu Fish so that once the heart is activated the poison flows throughout Eric Soders’ body

  2. New opportunities for 47 as the Heart Surgeon or as Kai or as the Staffer sent to get the Heart and transport it.

  3. If the operation is successful, Eric Soders will eventually get up and relocate to Room No. 1 (with Yuki Yamazaki) where there will be additional dialogue and new opportunities.

BONUS: If the operation is successful Eric Soders will be brought to a wheelchair. 47 can disguise himself as the Doctor wheeling Soders to Room 1. There is an opportunity/achievement for pushing Soders down a flight of stairs to kill him instead of properly guiding the wheelchair down all the ramps in hokkaido called “Cayne’s Handicap”. The Achievement is also unlocked by causing a panic (or pulling the fire alarm, or igniting a bomb) when Soders is on the way to Room 1 that makes Soders take over controls for his wheelchair, increasing the likelihood he will fall down a set of stairs himself.


No, not this one, really no. Security room really doesn’t belong here, in the open …

I pretty much agree, though, with everything else suggested in this thread, so far, and mostly the OP.