If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


Paris: I can’t think of anything I would change about Paris, maybe a way to get the Shiek costume with luring him into the bathroom

Sapienza: Again I can’t think of any major improvements to make to Sapienza

Marrakesh: A way of using the code phrases without using the office phones and a way to access Zedan’s office easier

Bangkok: Another security camera site, maybe that security hut in the courtyard or in the basement and change Ken Morgan, either vary his routine more or just cut him as a target. Out of all the evil lawyers in these Hitman games he is the blandest.

Colorado: More opportunities to take out the targets. Like having Parvati go under the car lift and what ever the hell that receiver on the water tower is for.

Hokkaido: Again I can’t think of anything I would change about this level.


Yeah I actually like the change to surveillance in Bangkok, it’s like the only map in the game where I’m ever even remotely worried about my recorded status.


It’s the only map I don’t play anymore because camera placement in combination with the terrible security room makes it a chore to play in any casual way.


For me the biggest issue with the security office is the guard placement. There’s one patrolling enforcer as well as a stationary guard that always spots you when you’re trying to delete the evidence. If they change the position of the guards it would already make it feel less frustrating.


For me it’s that the room is too guarded and pretty much can’t be infiltrated without many attempts if you are playing Suit Only. A keycard is also needed and it will only get worse with the new camera thing.


Bangkok is one the hardest Suit Only maps. I still remember when the map was released and someone complained about it being impossible.

In Bangkok it’s best to simply destroy the cameras, instead of attempting to sneak into the security office. The only new thing to worry about in Season 2, is that a guard willinvestigate the destroyed cameras. But if it’s like in Pro Mode, he’ll just look at the camera for a few seconds and goes back to his post. It’s not going to make SA/SO any more difficulty than it already is.


That’s quite easy to do already. Climb up the pipe, lure him with a coin and voila.

  1. ICA facility - somehow more in line with the training missions in earlier titles. A place where all our unlocked weapons and gadgets are available all at once so that we can experiment with different things and tactics without having to load in and out of a level to choose a different loadout.
  • that way this map will be something that players actually will want to return to once in a while.


it lures the guard carrying the Interpol badge


Really, that is cool :grin: But do they establish that in any way during the game?
It is a nice detail and it is awesome that we can all still discover these things ever after all this time.


Also you could post your ideas for new starting locations here.


I like that Bangkok is the one place with a security room that isn’t trivial to access. But just to open up possibilities a little, it might be interesting to have the top of one of the security room windows uncovered so you could snipe the recording machine from Ken Morgan’s suite.


make it so u can serve the plate of food disguised as the chef in sapienza.

also get the food delivery working for the waiter in marrakesch. they clearly planned for that but hopefully they actually implemented it in season 2


excatly! And ability hidden guns in tray like in Hitman Contract


i wonder if they did put that back in the game. it would make sense considering the briefcase ( which is basically the same mechanic) is good to go. its concerning they havent talked about it yet though :confused:


I think that, certainly in some of the S1 locations, triggering a fire alarm should cause an evacuation of at least part of the building. The first time I used it in Paris, I expected more disruption: areas being emptied and perhaps targets being evacuated. A lot more chaos to be used advantageously.


i was somewhat disappointed by that. but then i gleefully discovered that setting off bombs does cause a mass evacuation which is very awesome


ICA Faciity: To add this sounds odd, but please IOI, make it possible to explore it a bit. I love the idea about a worn down, bunker like hideout for the most deadly and hidden assassins in the world. Thats sounds so surreal, I just love it. Make us able to get all our gadgets into the mission, or, if they don’t want to give us them in the tutorial, then give us additional missions or a second version which we can use all our weapons, suits, and gadgets. (And, please, let me use the nice suit for other mission.)

Paris: When Dalia goes to you, asking who you are, if you blend in with your suit in the auction, and she replies to meet you later in her room, I want here to meet there with you later, maybe she sends a bodyguard after you. And when you talk to her, after a while, maybe with a call from Ezra, she gets suspicious if you act not fast enough.

Sapienza: I can’t think of much, other than maybe Silvio going crazy when he finds out the virus is destroyed. Some kind of reaction would be nice. Just think about it, a rock sliding through the roof can’t go unnoticed, even in the mansion above.

Sapienza (Icon): I don’t have many ideas, but another starting location would be nice, maybe the other crowded areas around the set.

Sapienza (Landslide): Remove the key for the hideout. It makes no sense for 47 having the key as it’s not his room anymore. Of course, you can argue, that this mission takes place maybe after WoT, but that cant be as Silvio is the client of this mission.

Sapienza (Patient Zero): I would love to be able to enter the mansion. We can go everywhere in this version of the map, why not just let us enter the building. Make it for sale and remove the door for the lab, something like this. Patient Zero doesn’t even take place in the Season 1 universe, so it wouldn’t bother me at all if we can enter the mansion with generic npcs moving around. But just let me explore this amazing looking building at night.

Marrakesh: Lets do something with the riots. Nothing much, but at least if I fire at the protestors, dressed as a soldier, it would be nice for them to rush in to the ambessy or, maybe, give Zaydan a reaction because he can now just do his plan.

Marrakesh (House build on Sand): Let me explore the embessy at night. Maybe with a handfull of guards moving around, giving us a chance to get a disguise.

Colorado: Now as we have bushes, I want some snipers on the water tower or even the radio tower from patient zero. That would add another layer of the game we don’t had in season 1.

Colorado (The Vector): As we are already up there, give 47 the option to lay the rifle on the railing, so we don’t need to have it shaking all the time.

Bangkok: Give me another way to kill ken morgan. I always rush to the food, poison it, and then focus on jordan cross.

Bangkok (Patient Zero): More ways to kill both, it feels not that challenging at all, even if it’s a nice mission in general.

Hokkaido: Change the exit on the mountains. If you take a look, the trail ends right infront of him. If he does not want to jump down, there is no way he can get away from there. That looks strange.

Hokkaido (Patient Zero): Make the hospital part outside the operating theatres more interesting, to be hostile to everyone is a great idea, but there is no good reason to move there right now.


Perhaps he’s owned the apartment for a long time?


The Hokkaido part… isn’t there a ledge for him to wall hug and leave? Just like he came in?