If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


Not really. As you can see, the ledge just stops there mid-air.


he might start climbing downwards. like at the start of PZ hokkaido he comes in by climbing up a cliff, so i imagine he climbs back down to where he came from (maybe the village?)


Git Gud Mate. This is all I can say.


I didn’t say I can’t play it. I said it’s a chore. Boring. Not fun. You know… the opposite things to why people play games.

It’s also quite immersion breaking in lots of places, where (if you want to avoid the cameras) you need to artificially stop and wait, or take a weird detour in an area where the natural thing to do would be to just walk forward normally.

But if you enjoy that kind of nonsense I guess you can go right ahead.


Toss a breaching charge at the door from the staircase and shoot the console from outside, takes 5 seconds and can be done in any disguise.


Which doesn’t make sense either. You should take a look at that cliff as well, it is pretty much a straight downward wall.


Has this been determined as fact? My own conclusion that it takes place within the same timeline, but just at an undetermined point. Is there something official to contradict this?


I believe IO is on record in saying that Patient Zero happens during the events of Season1


It’s not mentioned, but I guess so. The proof is that Diana in both missions talkes about colorado about something new they never discovered. And noone mentiones characters cross campaigns. I mean, Lafayette mentiones the killing of Abiati in World of Tomorrow, so the bonus missions are taking place in the season one universe. But I don’t think the PZ does.


But in The Source they’re packing up The Class equipment after the death of Jordan Cross.


That’s something I’d change in the Legacy Pack. Remove everything related to The Class and the recording studio from the hotel, because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to still have them.
I’d also remove most NPCs that were recycled from Club 27, like Jackie Carrington or the woman talking about Cobb in the outside bar.


Apparently the crowds and random NPC’s are getting an upgrade, so I think their individual appearances will be a bit more unique. We’ll see in the final product.


you can already see there’s lots more variety in the various miami gameplay videos.

also, jackie is getting a recolor to her dress, so they’re making an attempt


Is she? Did they show off gameplay of The Source?


Her updated model shows up on the World of Assassination reveal, but on Club 27 only. You can assume they’ll update her on The Source too, though.


Oh, that’s cool. Maybe they should have that be The Source model and keep the original intact for Club 27?

Makes me wonder what other character designs will get changed? Will Cutscenes be changed? :thinking:


why would they change every other npc except jackie to the new recolor instead of just changing jackie’s color lol

and i doubt cutscenes will be changed, they most likely just did it for special npc’s that need some distinguishing


Hey, so previously I was actually talking about outright removing some NPCs from The Source that were already in Club 27. I wasn’t talking about recoloring or updating them. Let me explain myself better.

The Source seems really “copy-and-pasted” from Club 27 and is in need of a drastic makeover, IMO. It’s jarring to see that Jackie Carrington, Julian and The Class are still staying there. It’s as if Nabazov just happened to hold his exposition on the very same day that Jordan died.

The presence of all these recycled NPCs gives the impression that IO were lazy when making the level or just stitched together the whole thing in a hurry. So, for me, Jackie, Julian, and every band member and their bodyguards must go. Some NPCs that repeat the same conversations from Club 27, like the lady still talking about Cobb’s crash in the outside bar, could also be removed or have their dialogues omitted.

The band’s hotel wing should be modified, too. Like replacing the recording studio with a normal suite and adding some unique NPCs, something like that.

The Legacy Pack provides a perfect opportunity for IO to implement changes like these and greatly improve the mission. I doubt these changes will happen though, but hey, a guy can dream, right? :wink:

Just my two cents, explained in more detail.


Make the closed off area in the Himmapan Hotel (with the yellow tarps) have something in it, and make it accessible (whether it’s being fumigated or not… and it shouldn’t be in PZ -at least). Tacofist used a mod to move the camera into that area, and nothing is in there. Heck. They could even put elevators in the atrium area near the centers, or just anywhere where they’d make sense being. I don’t know if that’d NOT be doable for the sake of design purposes, or if it’d be a matter of retconning the layout of the hotel in “S1”.

edit: Oops. That wasn’t one thing. :smirk:


They should be accessible in Patient Zero, but not in the main story since they are being fumigated and thus could damage 47’s health.