If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


I’ve thought of that… Maybe he could drag unconscious targets into that area to suffocate, but could only do it while disguised as the exterminator (since it has the gas-mask), or maybe still do it in any other disguise, but could only be in for so long before it kills him… Like being in the over heated sauna in Hokkaido.


But didn’t Jackie have a unique model? I don’t remember seeing her before I forget.


In the beach in Sapienza you can see at least 1 woman with the exact same model as Jackie hanging around. Long lost twins, perhaps? :wink:


Jackie’s fine, just change her routing to be in her room more often or something. It is night after all. Definitely remove Julian from her room if he’s still there.

If you have to have her up and about give her some unique dialogue too. Maybe passing 47 makes her say “Hello again!” lol.


I guess I always associate that model with Jackie so I Mandela-ed uniquer models into the game. What’s the NPC called in Contracts Mode?


No idea what she’s called, sorry.

Also, I don’t think having new dialogue for 47 or changing her routine would suffice. I don’t think Jackie should remain at the hotel in any capacity. I always interpreted the PZ missions as happening on some unspecified time after S1 (despite the band still being there).

So going off on that it doesn’t make sense to have the exact same female celebrity staying at the exact same hotel, with the exact same dialogue (“There goes my next ex-husband!”), wearing the exact same dress while the exact same person is sleeping on her exact same room beside the exact same microphone ordered by the exact same band that for whatever reason is still at the hotel.

It bothers me way more than it should. At least you can ignore the band since they’re on the other side of the hotel, that you don’t have to visit unless you gotta destroy the camera evidence .

But Jackie is one of the very first NPCs you see when you go up the stairs to Nabazov’s suite. And to see her still be there, unchanged from the way she acted on Club 27 is just very dissapointing, especially after seeing the effort put into changing most NPCs for the Summer Bonus Episodes.

The other minor guests around the hotel should be changed too. Like when you enter the hotel on either mission you can see the same guy with glasses and brown hair chatting with the same girl on the bar near the stairs, sitting on the same spot and all. That’s just awful.

It’s just so hard for me to get immersed into the level when they couldn’t bother to just remove all these very blatant examples of repeated NPCs. It just reeks of sloppiness and lazyness on IO’s part, despite the entire campaign costing 20$.

Anyways sorry for that giant wall of text. I think I may have gotten a bit too carried away there. :sweat_smile:


I mean, most celebrities spend all of their time on holiday anyway. Just change her clothes and give her new dialogue, so the same for everybody else. Easy peasy.


I would change a bit Holiday Hoarders, to make it a bit different from Showstopper, not the Christmas copy. Changing routes, characters, making its challenges not linked with main missions ones and inserting it in a timeline (before the main mission).
And I’d make Sarajevo Six missions available for all players, not only for us who play with PlayStation


I’d honestly like it if more challenges did what Showstopper/Holiday Hoarders did and crossed over.


Not sure if this has been brought up but I’d love to see 47’s suit be stashed somewhere if we choose a blend-in starting location.


Maybe we could just unlock the ability to smuggle in different disguises (taking up a smuggle point slot)?


In Paris: More opportunities to lure Novikov and Dalia on different floors to mix things up a little. Dalia going to the tech floor (e.g. Sheikh room) or to the fashion show would give a lot more opportunities for a nice kill as well as Novikov climbing up the stairs in any other way than Code 17.


In Hokkaido: When 47 trying to malfunction KAI it/she will send few guards to stop him.


Maybe they just had the concert and he never died?


I’m willing to bet they’re packing up because Cross is now permentlay out of the picture, not because everything went fine.


Seriously though! I’m completing a contract that requires me to kill Ms. Mookjal, the manager of the hotel. Her routes frustrate me because it’s like she’s always at the wrong place at the wrong time all because I needed to start in my suit(and her reluctance to stop staring at the stairs),but can easily lure and kill her in like 1 minute when starting as a guard.


In Sapienza:

World of tomorrow: Silvio going down to the lab and interacting with a virus. He is a scientist after all.

Icon: I’d add something that would make up for restrictive mission design. E.g. The ET set in Icon would have been great if he was a fully fledged target in the same mission along with Bosco.

Landslide: the key to the damn appartment.

If we were to talk about one big change for all Sapienza maps at the same time, I’d add a rework of the trade area of the city - butcher shop, wine shop, hair salon and other small boutiques are underutilized and usually suck in contracts.

Add more opportunities to blend in and kill of the patrons - e.g. hairdresser 47 accidentally slitting someone’s throat with a razor or butcher 47 putting people into the meat grinder.


World of Tomorrow: Make the virus an optional secondary objective. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make sense storywise, but the virus really is the only annoying part of a fantastic mission. I mean, it isn’t bad, but when you replay the mission multiple times it just feels annoying to take of, and doesn’t feel as open ended as killing Soders does in Hokkaido.

I dunno, maybe make it that destroying the virus is neccesary for some challenges, like Silent Assassin and it effects whatever scoring system Hitman 2 will have. I honestly think World of Tomorrow will be almost perfect if the virus was optional, or I suppose better yet, maybe redesigned in such a way that it has a couple more ways of destroying it.

A Gilded Cage: Some kind of opportunity that has Zayden go into the actual city portion of Marrakesh. I think the massive problem with this mission is simply that the embassy and the school are just so much less interesting than the city portion of the map, and it feels worse when both targets avoid the city like a plague. It makes sense for Strandburg I know, but I think it would be cool for Zayden to have a reason to go into Marrakesh.

Club 27: I think this mission’s problems are really more a culmination of a lot of small problems which adds up to an annoying experience. Can’t really think of any single fix that could help it, so I’ll just say to please get rid of the enforcer at the front desk.

Situs Inversus: You can climb the beam to the roof of the surgery in any disguise, not just as the ninja.


In Marrakesh:

Gilded Cage: I love embassy and market area as they are but the old school is always an annoying pain in the ass since it has only one foolproof way to SA/SO and it doesn’t make much sense to deviate from it (use headmaster’s key, get to the far right corner of the school, climb in, get to the second floor toiler, lure target into the toilet to kill, escape).

So my proposed change is to add new infiltration points - e.g. make an underground tunnel go straight to school instead of a shop.

A House Built on Sand: ability to trigger meeting between Mendola and Kwang Suit Only.



Club 27: a single pipe that leads to the studio window would solve so many problems but, alas, we still have Ken Morgan whose routine is one of the most boring in the series. Take your pick.

Patient Zero Bangkok: (that axe-faced harridan demanded more fire extinguishers this morning!) Make it a proper mission without it feeling as a cheap knock-off DLC based on unreleased ETs - remove Class, make it a proper hotel with both wings accessible and expand the cult territory so that there are events going on the roof and on the ground.