If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


Easy choice Ken Morgan, Cross has plenty of interesting or varied routes via opportunities. Ken has virtually none (he is also the most boring character with the least interesting kills With the JC proxy killing being the only good one apart from toilet drowning). There are still a few ways to access the emperor suit. A single pipe might just cheapen the route.


Colorado: since we are already getting bushes, I’d request for better opportunities to kill Graves and Berg. They barely have real opportunities besides a couple of cheap accidents while Rose alone has 3 or 4.


Not if you have to time your climb well by evading patrols.

It’s mostly for SO routes of which I know only one foolproof that is really enjoyable without savescumming - via the roof and the room with drunken roadies.

As for Morgan, couldn’t agree more.


Hokkaido: while it’s one of the best Hitman levels ever and in contracts mode it reaches its peak, it also has one of the most lame targets - Yuki Yamazaki. Forgettable character and all the kills are too easy. I’d rather have hospital director as a target.

But since targets won’t be changed, I will just request a way to get a surgeon outfit without it being a starting disguise. Before one of the patches, you could get it via Portman opportunity.


That right sorry I completely forgot about suit only runs, I hardly do those, yeah Bangkok needs to find a way to remedy that.


Damn, now I so want IO to see yours ideas.


Someone mentioned it before, but it’d be great if they could fix the issue with a doctor replacing the surgeon in the opportunity during Hokkaido. Makes getting a surgeon disguise almost impossible unless you cheese it.

Hitman™ -> Hitman™ 2 Problems and Fixes

Patient Zero: add an opportunity to use the intercom as Klaus and make it so the VIP Patient robe in Rieper’s old room is just a regular patient robe.


I’d be happy if the only change they made was eliminating one of the Novikov VAs so that his voice in Paris is the same as in the post-mission cutscene.

I know it’s very nit picky. But it annoys me.


i would actually make it feel like a hotel.
open up tbhg e hotel. add a poll and gym. more people in the rooms.

sapienza. would have a party going on in the mansion. have people in the pool. etc


Yes this exactly. Infact, even if they do that I still hope they do another hotel in this season or the next and aren’t under the impression that himmapan scratches that hotel level itch.

It doesn’t have the hotel X factor ! Let’s jave another big European hotel , something to top traditions of the trade. Hell, just do a third itteration of it. Its tradition after all

I don’t have many suggestions I was going to say the Ezra thing about putting in the cut opportunities where you take his identity but I think that’s been covered already.


after Bangkok, i’d rather not have another hotel level at all. they can’t seem to do hotel levels very well, not to mention that hotels are generally a bit boring. multiple rooms that have nothing in them and are just copy+paste. same old stairs/elevators, uninteresting to get from room to room (it’s either climbing, get a keycard, or running from the first copy+paste floor level to the next).


yeah. i was most excited for the hotel level but it turned out to be as bad as colorado for me.
if they can make it feel like a hotel it wouldbe a great location.


Yeah true see what you’re saying, still, maybe one day !


I would LOVE a large, (almost skyscraper) hotel. Not so much cordoned off areas as Club 27, but still 1 or 2 extra opulent floors loaded with bodyguards. The Himmapan lacked verticality for me- at least, it felt like a level that could’ve had more. Like an indoor gym and pool. Nonetheless, I loved it, and comparing it with colorado is a crime against humanity.


I would like Jordan Cross and Ken Morgan to meet somehow… and engage in some awkward/heated dialogue. Unless this is already possible?


Disguise as the Exterminator, go to the head of the hotel and ask her to clear out the Penthouse Suite, then disguise as a hotel keeper and walk Ken over to Jordan.


I’m so doing this.


you’re in for a treat if you do this right


Just watched a video of their meeting on Youtube. Can’t believe I never knew you could do this until now. Love the ‘Dad… please call me. It’s happened again.’ And Diana’s dry sense of humour, ‘I see you’re outsourcing 47.’ One of the best moments in all of Season 1 IMO. I hope they introduce more scenarios like this in S2, when you can manipulate targets to turn on one another.