If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


I just did this the other day for the first time. Took me about 2 hours to figure out what to do (opportunities off)
Once I found the exterminator’s sheet in Mrs. Mookjai’s office I knew what I had to do!

Pushing Jordan out of the window on to Ken Morgan’s body belowis a really satisfying way to get silent assassin


Don’t you just hate it when you son wakes you up in the middle of the night to tell you he pushed someone out of a window for the second time.


No way! I thought I was the only one.


It’s like his dad replies ‘That’s ma boy!’


So apparently new Season 2 locations will have authentic accents to suit the locations. This could make the jarring American accents from Season 1 even worse and even more noticeable because they will be juxtaposed. I know it would require a lot work, but I hope they re-record the NPC VOs for Season 1 locations (obviously not Colorado) too so that they sound authentic across the board. Especially as they’re re-introducing all of the HITMAN 2 gameplay elements into Season 1 so that they become streamlined.


Actually about 30 minuted after he is triggered, he will go to the mansion. If Silvio is dead, he will have a smoke on the balcony. You can also put emetic poison in his drink, wait till he has drank it and puked his guts out and he will proceed to the mansion


I think this would be too expensive to implement, for a detail a majority probably don’t care hugely about. Voice recordings are incredibly expensive and the sheer amount of lines in each mission would require a huge amount of time and money to rerecord. I’d much rather this was spent on making future missions bigger and better which is what really matters for me


Yeah I know. Realistically, it would be a pretty low priority aspect of S1 to change. Nevertheless, it would be awesome if they could.


If they’re going to give the NPCs foreign accents, I just hope it sounds better than this.


Top quality work right there.



C47’s accents are even worse. But I loved them :smiley:


That’s why I would rather have them speak English instead of trying to fake a foreign accent. Some (voice)actors can pull it off pretty well but more often it makes characters sound like bad stereotypes. Especially when they decided to thrown in foreign words and butcher the pronunciation.


Who says they haven’t hired authentic voice actors from each region the maps are set? The voice acting is not recorded at IO HQ in Copenhagen. They do the voice over work in external recording studios.


Hokkaido - I’d have it so you can shoot through the sauna glass again. I don’t really know why they changed it, I guess so actually suffocating Yamazaki isn’t seen as pointless, but making the shot and seeing her slump down dead, a single bullet hole in the glass, was very cool.


freeform training: open the level up for contracts mode.

final test: place a silenced sniper rifle where you start.

paris: allow novikov to be killed by the light rig without having anyone else on stage. also, let people bring whatever suit they want when starting out in the auction room

sapienza: replace city guards with cops. keep the mourge guards in suits though.

marrakesh: if i could, i would add a kill opportunity that allows you to get claus killed by the protestors. but that is too big of a change. so instead, i would make it that if reza zaydan gets sick from drinking the wine in his office, he goes to the restroom and pukes there (if he doesn’t do that already)

bangkok: better route for ken morgan. i don’t know how. just better lol. oh and add some elevators that are out of service. it’s pretty odd how a hotel doesn’t have elevators. also, remove the keycard at thr security door, and let 47 spawn with a card for his hotel room.

colorado: let sean rose and maya parvati be armed with pistols. if you are spotted by them, they will arrest/attack you like any guard. if you cause an alert from far away, they will be taken by guards to a safe place like any other target. also, let ppl disguise as ezra berg, even without opportunities.

hokkaido: replace the doctor that checks on jason portman with a male surgeon. add another surgeon in the lounge. he would be the first person to eat the sushi, so if you added emetic poison, he will go to the restroom and you can take his clothes there. also, add a way to clear out the operating theatre cleanly so 47 can go with his suit and give soders a heart attack without losing SA. also, put a free surgeon disguise somewhere in the map. maybe where the guy is fixing the snowmobile? and perhaps add a free ninja disguise at the top of the mountain.

in general, i would add undercover locations for wacky disguises, like the stalker in bangkok, the motorcyclist in hokkaido, the scarecrow in colorado, etc. would be great for contracts mode.

i would also make a slightly more radical change. i would replace the santa claus outfit with a suit like the image below. the santa claus outfit is added as an undercover location in paris so it is still in the game, but it no longer counts as a suit. it is now a wacky disguise, just like the vampire magician or stalker. also when 47 kills his target as santa, he still says ho ho ho.



Doing that to Paris will fuck up The Kotti Paradigm escalation which is one of the best(if not the best) in the game.


like i said, i would not make the santa claus outfit a suit anymore. it would be a disguise, like the stalker or the scarecrow. then i would add another suit (the image above) to accommodate players who have completed the holiday hoarders challenge


I was talking about that.


oh, that. well, just make it so that the auction room upstairs is not selectable in the kotti paradigm.


What you got against best suit?