If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


i care very little for any suit that’s not the real thing. 47’s iconic black suit and red tie is the only suit that matters, with the exceptions being the winter suit, requiem suit and terminus suit. the VIP patient suit in hokkaido is fine too because he has an excuse not to wear his iconic suit, which is to blend in as a patient.


i mean, he’s allowed to wear whatever he wants in the hospital, but sure :slight_smile:


Isn’t it more fitting to go to Italy with a button shirt and subglasses than a big baggy suit?


Given that there will be accents in HITMAN 2, I’m hoping that The Final Test will revert to the original dialogue for the Russian General which had an accent.

They went through the effort of re-recording all that character’s dialogue just to make it consistent with the rest of the game when they patched it long ago just because he had an accent. :joy:


Make it so that if Jordan Cross ends up killing Ken Morgan accidentally, that he jumps from the balcony and commits suicide immediately after.


I think that takes the wind out of the kill though especially his panicked call to his father after. Also you can still push Cross out the same window, if you are quick and have the right disguise.


Don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but on a similar note to your suggestion I’d like it if the opportunity where you kill Jordan as Abel de Silva (when you throw him from the balcony) could kill Ken Morgan as well.


I always kinda wished that Ken managed to grab onto Jordan to try save himself, but ends up taking him with him.


This would give his nickname “The Brick” a nice extra meaning.


Extra meaning huh… what’s the meaning now? :stuck_out_tongue:


If I am not mistaken he is hard to bring off of his course as a lawyer? Less the “pulls you down” meaning I hinted on. :smiley:


I honestly didn’t know… I’m guessing you’re just assuming as well… I like your assumption tho. He runs like he he’s being wayed down by bricks too u know


Would be a good idea for a future target but wouldn’t be good for the Bangkok level. Kinda takes the catharsis out of it when you don’t actually have to put your hands on anyone.


Hopefully IO has taken some time to create an actual mission briefing for "Holiday Hoarders” to replace the text only one that has been there for almost two years.



When shooting NPCs from a distance with a pistol, don’t make it take 15 bullets to kill them. It’s not like bullets turn into pellets when shot from a distance.


well, they have to balance the pistols somehow.


Use the good ol’ Striker pistol. There as good as dead then.


Yeah but it limits swiftly killing targets from a distance with a concealable weapon.


yeah that’s the point. it’s like this: concealable and silenced (silverballer)? bad distance power. conceable but super loud (striker)? good distance power.
same as the bigger guns (ARs, snipers, smg) as well. silenced but not concealable? good distance power.

it’s just a matter of balancing. IO seems to like the “one or the other” philosophy with their balancing.


While I would be open to this it would have to be a season 3 endgame unlock, as it would instantly outclass every pistol and sniper at the same time. Sounds fun to use but man it would just invalidate all other ranged lethal equipment.