If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


There’s somebody else staying there and the area is trespassing. The key is clearly a mistake.


They should probably remove that in the Legacy Pack then.


Remove everyone but Rocco & his sister as Enforcers when you’re in Rocco’s apartment.
How does everyone & his mother know I shouldn’t be there?
I could be Rocco’s friend from out of town, his new life coach, his lover.

Seriously tho I imagine it’s hard to implement certain enforcers for trespassing when you can just as easily have everyone as an enforcer :slight_smile:


Everyone killed Rocco in Hitman at least one time to know only he is allowed to be there.
Everyone, including the people of Sapienza.





My biggest suggestion would be actually let me download the legacy pack so I can play the levels again hahaha FakeLaughHidingRealPain haha. Somebody help.


just one thing? ok then, some easy to do things:

both tutorial maps: leaderboards. why not??
Paris: the falling light rig should only kill novikov, no civilians
Sapienza: make the virus an optional target with mastery lvl20. tbh it gets boring to “kill” a static target
Marakesh: use public phones (costs 1 coin) to call the password after you found it.
Bangkok: after you send jordan cross and his guards to the lobby and enter the studio disguised as the exterminator you should have as much time as you want to explore before they come back. i mean you are officially allowed to be there!
Colorado: make all exits available and the shelter optional with mastery lvl20
Hokaido: jason portman needs to meet a surgeon, not a doctor (it was perfect like it was in H1)

something that would require much more work:
Colorado - The Vector: redesign the map for sniper assassin mode.


Pretty sure they already changed that one to how it was before, in one of the latest patches I think.


Well, the patch last month actually changed the doctor to a surgeon, if I’m not mistaken.


really? oh thats great to hear, thanks guys <3


what do you guys think of an universal remote in bangkok to lure npc´s into rooms with tv´s? got the idea from mr. bean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZfCecJ65CA


This is rather late, but all I want is a way to tamper with Jordan’s vegan birthday cake using a meaty bone or something. It could work like an emetic. Total missed opportunity there. It would have been hilarious.


Re record voice acting with native speakers and give location localised weapons for guards.


Paris: Fix the bug where you can’t rotate the camera when spawning in as Tech Crew. I cannot tell you how many times this bug has gotten a hold of the speedrun.

Sapienza: Make some sort of connection between Caruso and the Virus. In his current state, it seems like Caruso isn’t even aware about the virus and doesn’t say much about it.

Marrakesh: delete it My actual answer: Make some use out of the protesting crowd just outside the consulate. If they’re a stone-throw away from full blown riots, then why can’t I throw a rock and cause a riot?

Bangkok: Add some sort of helipad or exit somewhere near the top of the level, or at least make new exits that are actually useful. The Tuk-Tuk and Boat near the pier just aren’t useful exits when you have the basement exit. No one is near the area unless in Master mode, and even then you can easily get rid of them.

Colorado: Fix the super vision issue with the Colorado guards. Colorado has had a tendency to be incredibly unfair with guards who have super vision. Example, The Mercenary from Sarajevo Six, where the target’s bodyguards had Sixth Sense, Sniper Assassin, where if you snipe from anywhere near the water tower, every guard goes on to the roof beneath you and never moves. It’s stupid how people have to resort to close-range sniping in order to complete that challenge.

Hokkaido: Add more surgeons. Currently the easiest surgeon disguises are the Chief Surgeon (in which waiting for him can waste time and take way too long), and the Surgeon checking up on Portman, which is also time wasting.


Sigh, the whole point of the Marrakesh mission (as explained in the briefing and in mission) was to AVOID mass rioting. Doing that would have allowed Zeydan or his successors to declare martial law.


true actually

Alright here’s my new Marrakesh one.

Make a use for the Cafe and some of the other areas around the map, as it seems most of the attention has gone towards the Consulate and the Abandoned School.


Yacht tutorial: open it up to Contracts mode

Cuban airport: additional exits (on the roof and with the airplane in case it wasn’t used for the kill)

Paris: make the water-catwalk electrifiable

Sapienza: separate the camerasystems

Marrakech: Give Zaydan a (triggered) route through the market and cafe

Bangkok: Upgrade the map. Give the hotel more floors and a swimming pool, open the beach, have stuff going on there.

Colorado: Have it set in night-time

Hokkaido: Get the chance to get to Soders before he’s on the operating table

Hawke’s Bay: Glacius’ idea (Reynard is Change Clothes. Who?)

Miami: Make race helmets a non-lethal melee

Colombia: A tropical rain where the thunder can drown out gun shots

Mumbai: Fewer enforcers in the slums

Whittleton: Optional evidence collecting

Sgail: Zoe and Sophia meeting


Paris- It is an amazing level but it makes me feel like I am trapped inside a box. I wish that there were larger areas outside the Palais de Walewska to explore like the street outside the gate.

Sapienza- My favorite mission of S1 but I wish that there was a way to trigger both targets to meet. Also, the first time I played, I remember I was confused because I wanted Roberto and Francesca to meet. I thought that they would meet after I eliminate Silvio but nothing happens. I just think it would be an interesting touch for Roberto to meet Francesca if the player takes too long.

Marrakech- Make the masseur meet Claus if the player takes too long. It’s so annoying to be in the consulate because the receptionist keeps calling his name over and over again. I think it would also have been amazing if the player could climb around the consulate like in Paris. That would be a lot more exciting than sneaking in through a parking garage.

Bangkok- One thing that bothered me is that the Himmapan is supposed to be a luxury hotel but there is no pool, spa, fitness center, elevator, etc. There is nothing in the hotel for the guests except for eating and drinking. Make the beach accessible. This map also made me feel claustrophobic because there is nothing surrounding the hotel. Would have been nice if they added shops or something next to the hotel. Wish the targets’ cycles were more interesting especially Ken’s. Make Jordan Cross meet fans, sign autographs, etc.

Colorado- Would improve so many things about this level. I dislike like how 3 targets start in the house. Hallways in house are too narrow and it’s annoying trying to avoid the enforcers. Ezra has the worst route in Hitman S1. Hate that it forces you to kill Maya with the hay for suit only silent assassin.

Hokkaido- Only thing I dislike is how small the level is. I am not saying make the level as big as Sapienza but this made me feel the most claustrophobic especially in the hospital. Wish the resort area of the level was larger. It seemed odd to me how few guest rooms there are. Please add a way to get the surgeon disguise.


I don’t mind the lighting.


Disguise yourself as the therapist but don’t kill Silvio. Afterwards he and Francesca while have a short chat at the fireplace.