If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?


I want different variants of the Silverballer as unlockables. For example

  1. Unsilenced (No Suppressor).
  2. Long slide.
  3. Laser sight + Suppressor.
  4. Extended Magazine + Suppressor + Laser sight.

I’m saying this because we already have many variants of sieger, jaeger and ica19. Although i’m happy with sieger and jaeger but ica19 is not 47’s signature pistol, they should’ve given us more variants of silverballer instead of ica19… Different variants would also fill the need for customization.


I would love it if they put the Patient Zero virus spreading mechanic into World of Tomorrow, so that the secret virus vile that can kill Francesca would work as detailed in the mission briefing - spreading person to person without harming them until it strikes it’s target.


Wonder if any of our changes will come true.


ICA hadn’t rented the safe house during the time of Landslide.


How do you know? Doesn’t he have a key?


There’s somebody else staying there and the area is trespassing. The key is clearly a mistake.


They should probably remove that in the Legacy Pack then.