I'm asking for a hand from the experts for an Escalation

Hello fellow assassins! I just wanted to ask your help about The Reziko Conundrum. I’ve been routing this escalation for a while, and i’ve finally found a couple of strats that should be working for a SA rating, but for some reason i keep getting body found and noticed kills at the score screen for reasons that i don’t understand. I’m posting here a video to show you two of my strats, and if someone could point me in the right direction i’ll be very glad :slight_smile:

Actually my only guess, is that the issue is caused by the death of the second Handyman, maybe that accident kill at the phone booth is somehow bugged? In addition i’ve only seen the “Body Found” notification once, and i guess that it was referring to the phone booth kill… but since the handyman dies in an accident that shouldnt affect the rating.

Thanks in advance for you time, good hunting mates!

last shopkeeper body found

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Are you talking about the dude at the 2:56 from which i’ve took my second disguise? If you are referring exactly to this, shuldnt there have been a “Body Found” pop up? I havent seen any… The only “Body Found” i see, is popping up at the end of the second strat at 6:40, which has been caused by the shopkeeper accident kill with the “Cafe” letters.

I think so too, @DeadCranium try to hide this body and see if you can get SA:

I don’t know personally but I have heard lots of talk about one particular phone booth being bugged and not resulting in an accident kill. Chances are it’s that one


I tried a couple contracts where the electrician guy is a target (Riaasat Hussein). One contract where there were 4 other targets, and a 2nd one where he was the only target. And consistently he gets killed via the shorted out/damaged phone just outside of the Shisha Den – it’s, of course, an ACCIDENT, but see the screen-shot below…

Ah! A good 'ol Bug Hunt! :smiley:

eta: before anyone asks; No, I didn’t have to subdue anyone in either contract.

Edit3: I’ll try a few more contracts with single (but different) targets that are electrocution and pay-phone kills.

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Never heard of that @Spods , but after you’ve told me that, i found a thread on this forum wihich confirms that the phone booth next to the Bazar Exit in bugged for sure, damn! Time to make a new strat :smiley:

@Tetrafish_21 That’s sad, because that booth is perfect to kill him fast, since he walks a lot in the crowd is hard to kill him in some other kind of accident. I’m actually not an expert of Riaasat Hussein paths, i need to observe him bit more in order to come up some kind of a new kill which doesent blow the SA rating.

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The Phone kill in general is bugged. You will always get Body Found even when it’s counted as Accident Kill :frowning:

It’s very sad indeed


I killed him the same way by the Fortune Teller… squat hole or whatever it is. I left before his body was found, SA. I tried again, same pay-phone, tossed a coin back there and his body was found, lost SA – generally the same bug as with the one by the Shisha Den.

Oh yeah, and another kill for another target, but, again, another pay-phone accident. “Body found” on that one too.

Electrocution via puddle + power-strip were all unnoticed kills.

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