I'm back (in black)

After consulting with the ghost of Ampburner, praying to the good lord Dark, and communicating via seance with Kitty_Kitty, I have decided that the time is finally right for me to return to the frontlines of HMF.

I know that this news will shake the forum to its core. To the OG crew; Dark_Ghost, Sclera/Sgt.Ledge, Bosola, Keyser_Soze, and he who must not be named (you know who Im referring to); dont worry. I’ve long since deleted the incriminating photos (except the one of Jardel in drag repo’ing those children’s toys). I have returned as a much more mature and refined individual, one capable of buying their own booze. Seriously, i can buy as much alcohol as I want, whenever I want. No one even tries to stop me!

So yeah, iTrade.

PS. Screw Flanders.



As a representative of the Flemish I have to ask you what your problem is with Flanders.


as a dutch person i can quickly answer, the accent and the fact yer not a part of the netherlands


As one who is capable of buying booze legally i revoke your fake ID from this premise.

As someone from a sensible country that allows people to drink at the wholly legitimate age of 18 and near one of the world’s premier wine-growing regions I also revoke any for of ID that would show he is of age.