I'm curating for March, agents


who are you? i’ve never heard before


That’s probably because you’re newer to the Forum than I am :wink:


Congrats on curating! I’m looking forward to seeing your picks. Be careful… it’s more difficult and time-consuming than you’d think! :wink:


Congratulations! Have fun with it.


Went through my contracts, maybe this is fitting your “slow and steady” type. Basically I wanted to put some weapon-stealing theme into it.


Shuriken Man 3000

ID (PC): 1-06-7949693-57

Briefing: "Hello 47, our client Jonas (a janitor from the Swedish consulate) is a weeabo and wants you to kill 4 people with a Katana, we told him that his request is impossible because everyone knows that Katanas don’t exist in Morocco, so he told us “Shuriken would do, but I’ll pay you half”

We accepted the contract, but since you are only getting paid half, feel free to vent your rage on him, that’ll teach him."

If someone with a PS4 could re-create it for this guy I’d appreciate it huehueue, sending it for the sick briefing category Kappa.


As for the crazy descriptions, I had one

In case someone was missing Vampire Magician contracts, I had an urge to do one.

Release these guys and one gal off their blood by cutting their throats - these chocolate thieves don’t need it anymore anyway.

  1. Count Chocula’s Revenge
  2. 1-02-9979585-02


That’s whatchu get for stealing tasty crispy chocolate snacks


It’s time for the Ultimate Time Waster :Endurance Mode to gets its dues



Just looking for feedback. Had a bit of a hiatus from Hitman and want to get back in it. This is my first and only serious contract I made, so I’m wondering what you think about it. I posted this one in the contracts thread and got really useful feedback from it, so now I want to know what a curator thinks about it.

PS4 Contract ID: 2-03-4736122-82


I re-created it last year!! hueuhe


Still convinced that my best contract is ‘VIP supporters’
suitable for many play types
It’s on ps4


Congrats @JetBlackIris for beeing curator!

“The Little Shop of Horror” by @xGURUx83 (Can highly recommend this one)
PS4 ID: 2-07-9477471

“Shooter” (Sniper Contract)
PS4 ID: 2-02-3415178-94

“White-Half” by White-Half (Hidden Sniper Contract with Any/Any)
PS4 ID: 2-10-2900431-50


Thanks - I like both Shooter and Little Shop of Horror
Little shop of horror needs a description though @xGURUx83

So far, these two, plus The Sanguine Screwjob and an old contract I like a lot, Dead Presidents, are leading the charge.

There’s a lot of room for more contracts, so keep them coming. I don’t have a huge amount of time to pick these…


Might as well crosspost these.




All Landslide, perfect shooter + no missed shots, pistol-only contracts.


Post the ID m8 hueheuheue


I think I’ve just thought of a really good head scratcher contract, gonna make It happen and see what It turns out, hope you like it :slight_smile:


Is there room for this?

Technical Issues

ID: 2-02-1729393-82


Puzzle Contract

Complications: Do Not Get Spotted, No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications

Target Location: Second Floor at the balcony looking directly at the Palace Garden Start

Number of targets: 1

Restrictions: Accident: Falling Object, Suit

Try to do it without entering the second floor AT ALL


Sniper contract with a really cool briefing (a limerick not by me) as it literally has a hidden message it (hence the title). So to decipher it, it will give you…? :sunglasses:

Open to use any start location but locked to no disguise changes. So whichever you choose, you’ll be carrying an illegal sniper. Can’t move it via a guard disguise.

Had a friend do this and she ended up with a really cool run at about 5 mins and totally different to what I did.

Any/Sniper Kill Only
No Disguise Changes
No Pacifications


Here are two PS4 contracts that may take your fancy!
2-03-0246589-29 First Sights: Main Square
Surprisingly long contract and it is harder to do stealthily than it first seems.

2-03-6779845-29 I Scream Pt.1
Yet ANOTHER Sapienza contract but it could be some fun Fiber Wire action!


Hello all, relatively new to the game (and brand new to the forum), but figured I’d offer a few contracts for consideration. The following are all set at the ICA training facility:

The Guantanamo Geronimo (2-01-9723894-51)
The Legend Is Born (2-01-8190863-51)
Graduation - From Candidate To Agent (2-01-1160542-51)

I’m not sure if the ICA level is disqualified from consideration, and if it is, no biggie and apologies for not seeing/knowing that. I picked up the demo last week and the full game a few hours ago, so that’s why they’re all from the one locale. Graduation might be the most difficult, since I did add more complications to it, but for you pros, it’ll probably be easy (or at least easier than when I created it).

Anyway, thanks for the post, as well as your time/consideration!