Im having an issue with HITMAN 2 gold editon

So basiclly i got the hitman 2 legacy pack a while ago and a few days ago got gold edition and when installing i didnt get the base game maps anybody know what to do? (im on xbox)

I believe you have Starter Pack installed or saved in your library.
Delete both entirely and then you should be fine

Also check this thread out:

It’s for PS4, but maybe you find something useful for Xbox there as well.
Worth a shot anyway

Im on the page to delete it will it delete my progress?

No, it will delete only the game either from the console or from the library.
Your progress won’t be touched.
It’s just system somehow thinks that Starter Pack is more important than even Gold Edition - the fullest game possible.
Usually deleting it solves the issue, but you might also have to clean up your console.
I mean delete the game that you have installed, reboot the system and try to install it again.

Unfortunately I don’t have Xbox, so I can’t guide you through all the process in details

Is the problem trying to download legacy missions into H2?

Because that’s not the same as the get access bug I’m sure. Don’t you just have to navigate to the legacy missions and download them separately?

No the issue is getting the hitman 2 base game mission such as miami etc

No it will not. Saved progress is stored on the cloud so it will not be lost if the game is uninstalled. If you need to resort to factory-resetting your console, make sure you choose the option to keep your games and apps, or else you will need to reinstall everything.