I'm leaving, unfortunately


Alright. The title may seem a bit sad and annoying for others (while it may be great news for the other people), but it’s true.

I’m permanently leaving everything under the name “Opal”.

I think I’ve made a bad name for myself on many people, and that doesn’t include just the Hitman community.

I’ve decided to start from scratch and be who I really am as a different person. But I’m not telling anyone who that’ll be. I’ve decided to stay anonymous and I only want to be known by new people who don’t already know me.

As for Lester and Hitman: Witness, they are, unfortunately and sadly, cancelled. If anyone else wants to continue progress for it, I’m happily leaving both projects (if not, just Lester) in the hands of @Notex.

I will likely still be playing on PlayStation, but I’ll only be playing with friends and myself. Same goes for Steam.
On other websites and applications such as Discord, HMF. YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Lester Forum, I’ll be gone. Forever. Who knows though? Maybe I’ll pop up as my other persona/username. But once again, that’s staying classified. I’m not guaranteeing anything and if it does happen, I don’t know when it will.



If you don’t want inactive users on the forum or anything, feel free to suspend this account @moderators @Jarbinger.


I guess the fact that people aren’t fond of you probably has to do with more than your name.

You can make a new identity all you like, but you’ll still be the same person.


Many suicide notes are a cry for help.

No Opal_Hitman! Don’t go!! You have so much to post for!!!

Nah, I’m only joking, I don’t care.


@Opal_Hitman no you were the first & the nicest person I have ever met on HMF!!!

But truly, thank you for being a glorius person for this community & us, and I hope you do very well in your (real life) future endavours. :wink:


From my own experience, switching to read-only and abandoning your account that you led in teenage years is not a bad thing.

In a few years you’ll get smarter, wiser and more suited for a busy life of a public forum. And then you’ll be ready to make a return with a new account.

I wasn’t your fan to put it lightly but everyone has a learning curve. I had too.

Good luck in the future, Opal.


In my experience, anyone worthwhile judges you not by the person you were, but the person you are. If someone makes a deliberate and sustainable change to anti-social behaviour, then they should be given a second chance. There may be those that you have offended more than just a casual annoyance. It’s up to you and them to deal with that in a private context. And quite possibly there may be no short term resolution, other than an agreement to give each other mutual respect and distance. For others, and I would imagine the majority of people here, then just resolve to change and allow the better person you become to properly define you. Maybe one or two could agree to help to hold you accountable, sending you PMs if your behaviour begins to revert? But your permanent removal is not, in my view, a sensible long term solution to the problem.


Admittedly I only glide across a lot of the topics on here, so probably don’t have a full picture of your behaviour; however, if you’ve done nothing ban-worthy, why not enjoy the place for what it is?

It’s a game forum at the end of the day, one with a fair few sound people on it compared to many other online gaming communities. Why not just contribute what you want and build yourself as a person without the unnecessary drama?


You shouldn’t care so much
This is just a forum full of people you don’t know and you’ll never meet.


Opal will probably return. Let us put our hopes into that, I have not gotten a picture of what, or who Opal really is. But, hopefully we will get to see Opal again.


I still want It to be Oipal kappa


Sorry to hear Opal. Hope you do OK.


Can’t say I understand your reasons for leaving. You may not be the most liked by some but you’re certainly not the most hated either. No one is actively pushing for you to go. But if you feel that’s the best course of action then I wish you safe travels.


overly dramatic.

none of this matters.


If you’re going to change yourself, remember
“A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean”


useless opinion incoming.

Having registered a couple months back, I’m too new to know any backstory. I can only imagine / assume it’s due to having strong opinions on a number of things, or getting into a lot of arguments, and just having a stigma of someone that’s divisive. Then feeling it’d be better for everyone if they just… (looked like they) went away.

Yeah. We’re all human. Everybody is different, yada yada… There’s really no need to take a lot of things too seriously, especially on the internet. I’m not talking about becoming apathetic. Just… letting things go. Hold no grudges. Maybe even… forgive(?).

This isn’t necessarily directed at the OP(al Hitman… “huehue” as they say around here), but anyone in general.

…But, it’s still anyone’s choice if they want to start with a clean slate. Whatever you choose to do, hopefully it will give you a clear / calm conscience. I mean, you wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t think it’d help in some way.

One last thing. You could go with the username OpaI hitman. That’s Opai (with a capital ‘i’)… which means breasts in Japanese, and use an avatar with some nice cleavage. j/k


This forum should become elusive! :grin:


I’m still getting gmails for HMF replies, so I thought I’d come back one more time and explain what’s going on.

I used my Hitman channel for a very long time as a way to shit on stupid people in YouTube comment section. Of course, that made a bad impression for other people and a bad record on my part.

I’ve also wanted to address that I’m not in love with Hitman like I was before in Hitman’s prime time. I will still play it, but Hitman from now on will just be another game for me, not so much an experience like it was before. Same goes for a lot of other games as well. That’s why I want to move onto other stuff I’ve had in mind like making music, gaming videos (without stupidly long and complicated video titles) and a bunch of other stuff.

I could make a whole list on personal things (which I want to keep personal) that are also valid backups as to why I’m leaving my “Opal” persona.

As far as it goes, @Notex is the only person in the Hitman community I’m still keeping contact with because he’s just a great friend.

Also, @Slash nice job on teasing me with that thread. Have a great time with Season 2, you troll.


Imagine if everyone made a thread when they left the forum lol. Have a good one opal.


I leaving this thread.